Adoptive Family Chet and Nelle
Being a family has been our biggest dream come true. While we struggled with infertility and miscarriages, we always kept in mind our ultimate dream of becoming parents. Adoption has always been something in our hearts since beginning trying to start our family, and we are so excited to complete our family in this way. Thank you for taking the time to read a little about us.

We were first introduced by Chet's cousin, who was Nelle's good friend from medical school. She knew we both had family as our priority and would enjoy meeting each other. She was right! A year and a half after meeting we were married, and we have now celebrated our tenth anniversary. We have two amazing boys, Ethan (7) and Jack (4), who are looking forward to having another baby in the house. Ethan is in First Grade and is loving it so much that he comes home and plays "school" with his brother and cousins. He also enjoys building things with Legos, mag-formers, and every cushion in our house. Our home is often transformed into one big fort on Saturday mornings. As parents, there is nothing better than watching our boys spend time building and pretending together. Jack is sweet and affectionate and wins the heart of everyone who sees him smile. He is a snuggle puppy and is often laughing - frequently at himself in the mirror!

Our weeks are filled with special time together. We enjoy being outdoors and live in an area with four beautiful seasons. Soccer, biking, hiking, sledding, and playing at various playgrounds are frequent outings. Our town is rich with museums, pools, and community resources. Our public library has an amazing children's area and program, and we attend different activities there weekly. Passing on a love of books and learning is important to us, and the fun atmosphere at our library makes that easy! Snuggling together to read books is part of our nightly bedtime routine.

One of Chet's talents, passed down from his dad, is the ability to fix anything around the house (score!), and passing this on to our sons has been important to him. They love to help their dad with house projects and are learning the importance of figuring things out, even if they don't initially know how. Nelle received her mom's love of cooking and baking and some of her talent in this area. This is also a fun activity for her to share with the kids.

Really, the best part of our family is the amazing love and support from our extended family and friends. We love to celebrate and use any occasion to get together for dinner or a party. Every summer, we take a trip to the beach town where Nelle has been going since she was 5 years old. This is such a special time for our whole family to relax, play at the beach, and continue to build on special relationships with our extended family and friends. The kids and cousins talk about this trip all year long. This year, Ethan wanted his birthday party to have a beach theme to recreate the special feeling we get when we are there together.

We hope that we are able to convey how important our family is to us and how loved another child would be in our home. Nelle enjoys keeping memory books, and we would gladly share pictures and letters with you. Please be assured we will always talk about you in a loving way and want to share as much as your guidance directs.

Chet and Nelle

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