Adoptive Family Bill and Cate

Thank you for taking time to view our profile. We already know that you are a brave, unselfish, loving woman and man. We promise that your child will grow up knowing this. We would be so blessed to have that honor and thankful that you are considering us as parents.

We were introduced in 2005 by mutual friends on a double date to Cheeseburger in Paradise. We have been together ever since! Knowing a biological child was not in our future, we chose to pursue adoption. It was an easy decision for us as we had witnessed our close friends (the ones who introduced us) become parents through adoption. We are so excited to be on this journey!

We picture ourselves down on the floor with an infant playing, being involved with every aspect of their young life and sharing our happiness with them. We have a sunny home that Cate has filled with everything we need to care for a child, from bottles to bright warm clothes. We look forward to toys scattered everywhere, and the sounds of children at play. We live in a friendly neighborhood with a park nearby and children of all ages racing from yard to yard, riding bikes and playing with one another.

We will be loving, caring, and actively involved parents. We look forward to providing guidance to a child to help them make their way through life. At every stage we will encourage them to discover and develop their interests. Early on there will be books and crayons but later in life they will show us what they want to be. We will share things with them that we enjoy; our love for reading, storytelling, playing games and having new adventures together. We look forward to attending sporting events, dance recitals, plays, and will always encourage them in what they decide to pursue in life.

As parents we will give a child unconditional love, support, endless patience, and broad shoulders to cry on. When they make mistakes we will be there to help them learn from them. When they fall down we will be there to pick them up, hug them and send them off in a new direction.

We hope that the child will share our love of the theater. One of our first dates was to see the musical Chicago. We have also seen, and very much enjoyed, Cats and, most recently, Phantom of the Opera. We've made the trip to Spring Green to American Players Theater. It is an outdoor theater deep in the woods that is open from June until October. They have recently built an indoor theater that has shows through November.

We will tell your child about you and the courage, care and love that went into your decision. You will be in our thoughts and prayers throughout our lifetime. We are eager to meet you and share this time with you. We are open to sharing pictures and letters with you; you can count on our honesty and respect. We are interested in getting to know you if that is what you choose and talking about what the future may look like together.

We look forward to our time together,

Bill and Cate

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