Adoptive Family Jon and Kristen
We have spent a lot of time thinking about this letter and what we want to say to you. We are not poets or professional writers, so we hope our feelings can come across to you. The first thing we want you to know is that we have been thinking and praying for you, and we can only imagine the struggle you may be experiencing. We deeply thank you for considering our profile and for considering adoption. Our perspective is that your consideration of adoption is a sign of your courage and immense love for your child.  

We have been together for ten years and married for the last six years. Our relationship is special because we are best friends and very in tune with each other about our priorities and what we value. People have often told us we "match" each other, and we appreciate how our personalities complement each other. The most important aspect of our life is our relationships with family and friends. Much of our life involves frequent visits and spending time with people important to us.


Becoming parents has been something we have dreamed about our whole lives. Kristen most admires Jon's gentle and joyful nature that will make him an attentive and fun father. Jon most admires Kristen's compassionate and caring nature that will make her a loving mother. We believe these traits will help a child feel loved and always able to be themselves. We also want to nurture this child by giving constant encouragement and acceptance, and inspiring them to grow and reach for their goals. 

Our daily life includes sharing meals together, and making a priority to spend time together. Some of our favorite shared activities are playing games (Monopoly and Phase 10 are favorites), watching sports, or taking a walk together. On weekends, typical activities are attending local events such as plays, craft fairs, or sporting events. Another priority is participating in our faith, by going to weekly services. Our church has a vibrant religious education program and regular events for families to attend. We also frequently take trips to visit family, friends, and to experience new places away from our home city. 

For childcare, Jon will alter his work schedule so he can stay home for the majority of the day with a child. He is also envisioning sharing his hobbies of playing games and watching sports during time together with a little one. Kristen has a job with generous leave, so she can follow her priorities and be there for this child. Kristen wants to follow her family tradition of reading to a child every night before bed, and plans to help your child grow their imagination and creativity by reading. 

Adoption is a precious gift that we want to honor by being the absolute best parents we can be. We will tell your child that being adopted means that you loved them from the very beginning of their life, and that you took the time to consider this difficult decision due to your love for them.  Your child will always know they are adopted, even before they are able to talk and understand what adoption means. Our marriage is built on honest communication, and we value openness. We want your child to grow up trusting us to always talk openly about adoption. If you are willing, we would love to learn about your family's traditions and holiday celebrations, and incorporate these into your child's life. 

Kristen loves to take photos, and we promise to send you amazing photos of your child as well as letters updating you on your child. The possibility of staying in contact with you and sharing joys and updates of your child is an exciting possibility for us. We have been talking to our extended family about our plans to stay in contact with you, and letting them know that you will be important to us for the rest of our lives. We are grateful that you are reading our letter, and our thoughts and hearts are with you as you make this difficult decision.

Jon and Kristen

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