Adoptive Family Jeff and Laura
We cannot even begin to say how much respect we have for any person who comes to such a difficult decision as to give life to a baby and place him/her for adoption. Owen’s birth parents making this difficult choice is honestly the most selfless act that we have ever witnessed. We cannot even put into words the gratitude that we feel towards them because “thank you” seems so trivial for the precious gift of life. Not only was there instant unconditional love for our son but for his birth parents as well. We feel so blessed and humbled by the fact that we get to do this all over again.

Please know that we have been praying for you and your child every single day, and these prayers will continue until our last breath. We have so much admiration for all birth parents because they are giving life to a child and blessing a family who could not have one of their own with the most treasured gift that anyone could ever give ... a child to love, cherish, and care for. This gift can never be repaid, but we want you to know that you will never and could never be forgotten. We promise to share with your child what a difficult decision this was for you. We are excited about sending letters and pictures and would love to have a Facebook page to send you monthly updates like we do for our first child’s birth parents if you choose.

We met at work 10 years ago. When people ask us when we started dating, we don’t even know how to respond. We started off as good friends, and it just progressed into something more. We feel very blessed to have married our best friend.

After we got married, we knew that we wanted to have children right away. Infertility was not an easy road, but we know it helped strengthen our family. As a couple, we grew closer than ever; and as parents, we honestly feel that it helps you to appreciate it so much more. Every moment with your child is a gift not to be taken for granted. Whenever we might feel stressed or tired, our favorite line is “we prayed for this.” The things in life that you have to work hard for are those that you tend to cherish the most.

Since Owen’s birth three years ago, our lives have changed a lot. We no longer get to sleep in, go off and do whatever we want whenever we want, and take couple vacations ... but we couldn’t be happier and would never choose to go back. Owen is such an amazing and adorable kid. He’s so curious and loves to go places and play outside. We can’t decide what our favorite age is because it keeps changing to whatever he is currently at. Laura keeps telling Jeff that the only reason she is okay with Owen getting older is because she gets to do it all over again. She is looking forward to taking a few years off work to raise your child.

After we got married and people would ask us how married life is going, we would always respond with “It’s the best decision that we ever made!” Now that we’ve become parents, we can only say that it’s one of the best decisions that we’ve made. Deciding to get married and become parents define who we are today. We could not imagine life without the other, our son Owen, and another child. Having the honor of raising your child would complete our family. There is so much love and laughter in our family and we cannot wait for another child to share it with.

Best wishes with your most difficult decision,

Jeff and Laura

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