Adoptive Family Gary and Jen
We’ve been praying for you every day. Although we don’t know your exact circumstances, we know that life can be tough. We have been praying that God would help you, protect you, and guide you so you will feel loved and secure. Even though we’ve never met, we care about you, and maybe someday we will meet and become friends. If we adopt your baby, we’re always going to be praying for you, and we will teach your child that you are loved by God and so are they. If you have the opportunity to listen to it, we have a song dedication to you. It’s called “No Longer Slaves” by Jonathan David, and it’s all about being a child of God.

We met nine years ago at church and started dating soon after that. Early in our relationship, we both felt that we had met the right person to marry, and we have now been married for seven years. We are committed to staying together whether our life circumstances are easy or difficult. There is a lot of peace in our home, so it would be a wonderful place for a child to find a lot of love.

Jen grew up in Ohio and is close to her parents, brother, and extended family who live there. Her family is supportive of our decision to adopt. They get together on holidays and birthdays, and there are almost always children present at the gatherings. Gary’s mom and son, who is in college, live near us. They are excited about the idea of a baby joining our family.

Although we currently live in Florida, we hope that in the future our child will be able to grow up playing with other children in the family. We have many friends with young children that our child could play with. We also have a small dog and a cat, so our child will have furry friends to play with, too.

We live in a four-bedroom house about thirty minutes from the beach. We both enjoy being outdoors, and we’re looking forward to taking a child on hiking trails, on bicycle rides, going to children’s activities at local nature centers, and going to the beach. We’re also hoping to share our interests in music with a child. We have a piano, keyboard, and guitars in our music room. We also have a room set aside to be a nursery and play area.

We feel strongly that it’s important for Jen to stay home with our child for the first five years until they start kindergarten. We want to be the main influence in shaping our child’s development, and we want our child to gain a sense of security in having a stable home.

We would welcome keeping in touch with you. We’re looking forward to sending letters and pictures to you so you can follow your child’s journey through life. We’re also open to exchanging emails, talking on the phone, and getting together for visits.

We promise to always give our love and support to your child. We know that this time in your life might be very difficult for many reasons, and we hope that our assurances that we will care for your child will help to give you peace of mind and heart.

Gary and Jen

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