Adoptive Family Brian and Kristine
Our names are Brian and Kristine, and we have been married for eight years and together for eleven. We are so glad that you have stopped to read our letter and want to thank you for considering us to be the parents to your child.

We already love this child and are excited to meet him/her and become parents. As excited as we are, we want to acknowledge your feelings and can only imagine how difficult this decision may be for you. We believe it takes bravery, selflessness and unbelievable love to consider adoption for your child.

We promise to provide a loving and safe home for your child, and we promise to always be honest with your child about their adoption story. Adoption is a special journey, it is a journey that god has woven together in heaven, and you are a part of that journey. We want this child to be proud of their adoption journey. Adoption is a beautiful portrait of love, and we are looking forward to teaching this child about their journey and our love for them. We are certainly open to sending photos and letters to you throughout the years. Kristine loves taking pictures, so we will have plenty to share!

Like many couples, we struggled with infertility for about 7 years. It took us a little while to realize this, but we now realize that God had a different journey planned for us, we now know that Gods plan was for us to adopt. Through our infertility battle, we realized that our main goal was no longer to become pregnant but to become parents. If you choose us to adopt your child, we would be so excited.

We love to have fun and be silly, which is one reason we think we will be great parents! Lots of families you search for will be great parents, but what makes us unique is our ability to turn a chore into a fun game. We could be cleaning a room and making a game out of it, or making breakfast or lunch and dancing around.

We love to travel with our camper and experience new adventures. We imagine your child having fun in the yard throwing the Frisbee to our dog jazz, laughing and smiling with our friends and family, and making memories at the lake with us.

With every fiber in our being, we want to be parents. We want to love a child, raise a child, give them opportunities and help their personality flourish by encouraging them in their strengths and interests and helping them to overcome their fears and struggles. Thank you for reading our letter and for considering us as parents for your child. We hope that we have given you some idea of who we really are and how honored we would be to welcome your child into our family.


Brian and Kristine

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