Adoptive Family Jim and Colleen
We are Colleen and Jim, and we are humbled that you’ve taken the time to look at our profile. We admire your courage in considering adoption. We hope that our profile will give you a small glimpse into our life.

Our story began 11 years ago when we met through a mutual friend and had an instant connection. We were engaged seven months later and have been married for 9 years.

After trying unsuccessfully to become parents, we decided to build our family through adoption. On a cold, snowy December evening two years ago we received the most amazing phone call. We were matched! The next day we jumped on a plane and traveled to meet our daughter and her birth family. Meeting Kate brought a wealth of emotions to all involved. We had the opportunity to spend time with Kate’s birth family and had the privilege to witness their unconditional love for her. Because adoption brought us our perfect child, we are excited to continue to build our family through adoption.

As a couple, we love to spend time together. We are lucky that we truly enjoy each other’s company. As parents, we are now able to share the things we love with our two-year-old daughter. We love having busy Saturdays at the playground, enjoying picnics and going for walks on the beach but also love relaxing Sundays making breakfast, going to family mass, and putting on our Patriots jerseys to cheer on our favorite team. Jim is an avid golfer and enjoys playing with Colleen’s brothers as well as taking Kate to the driving range to hit golf balls, while Colleen loves to read and do crafts with our daughter, dance and sing, and spend time with family and friends.

We are blessed to both love our careers. Colleen is a reading specialist with kindergarten and first graders, and Jim works in finance. Family will play an essential role in this child’s future. He or she will grow up playing with cousins and regularly seeing extended family at Sunday dinner and other family gatherings. Colleen’s parents provide childcare when we are at work, so they will play an integral part in your child’s life. We will also take several trips a year to Disney World since Jim’s parents live a few minutes from the Magic Kingdom.

We are very excited to make our family complete with another child. Being parents to our daughter is the most amazing experience and as we embark on this partnership, we promise to share with you important milestones and how the child is growing and changing through pictures and letters.

We are blessed to have experienced the adoption process with our daughter as well as we have family and friends who are adopted. Because of that, adoption is the fabric of our family. After spending time with Kate’s birth family, we respect the enormity of the adoption process. Your child will know from the start about you and their birth family and how brave you were to give him or her the life that they have. Your selfless act will be highlighted, celebrated, and discussed. Adoption is not a secret, so it will not be treated that way in our family. Of course, a child will have questions as they grow older, but those questions will be answered in a direct, honest, and loving manner, so they truly understand how loved they are by both you and us.

As you embark on this journey of choosing what is right for you and your child, please know you are in our constant thoughts and prayers. You are respected and valued. Should you choose adoption and welcome us into the journey with you, you can be confident that we will provide unconditional love, unwavering support, strong family values, lots of fun and limitless opportunities for your child.

We are excited to expand our family through adoption and look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into our life. We come from different genes, locations and interests, but are coming together with love and hope for a joint future.

With Love,

Jim and Colleen

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