Adoptive Family Loren and Matty
We are in awe of your bravery and amazing love for your baby and pray that you find peace no matter what you decide. Everyone has a unique story and sometimes those stories are destined to be forever entwined. And so we’d like to share ours with you.

In our home, our spirited and big-hearted son, Briggs, dreams of becoming a big brother. He’s a natural with little ones and will be fiercely loyal to his sister or brother. He tells us how he’ll teach her or him how to ride a bike and swim -- and he even volunteered to change the stinky diapers! We are Briggs’s proud and adoring parents, Loren and Matty, and we share the same dream. We’ve been married for 15 years and it’s been an incredible ride. By far, the best part of our union was the moment we became parents. And we’re beyond excited to double our joy, love and laughter!

We’re a flip-flop wearing, fun-loving and outdoorsy family. We love hiking the local trails, biking on our beach cruisers with neighbor kids usually in tow, kayaking, swimming, playground hopping, and our favorite -- playing at the beach. We’re also travel nuts who believe the world is a classroom where we can experience and learn about other places, people and cultures. We hope to inspire this same sense of wonder in Briggs and another child, and can already picture how much sweeter the adventures will be with four of us!

Loren has a huge heart and a calling to serve others. He was an elementary school teacher, mentored at-risk youth, and coached basketball and high school football. He later fulfilled another of his boyhood dreams by becoming a firefighter and riding on the big red truck. Coolest dad ever in Briggs’s eyes! Loren put himself through college and graduate school while working full-time, which speaks volumes about his determination and dedication. And as much as he has to be proud of, he’ll be the first to tell you that nothing compares to his most important role as father. Loren cannot wait to share his boundless love with another child!

Matty is a creative soul with an adventurous spirit who wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves all things movies, music, reading and gardening. Matty has such love and compassion for people and animals that Loren wants to get her an “I brake for turtles” bumper sticker! She's the kind of mom who builds Legos, duels with her little Darth Vader, and reads book after book until her voice is hoarse. Matty is a writer who works from home so she has plenty of time to spend with Briggs and a new baby. She always knew her life’s purpose was to become a mother and being blessed with another beautiful soul to love and nurture would make her life complete.

We made it a priority to explain our son’s beautiful adoption story to him early on, and help him understand why our family of choice is so very special. That conversation remains open, honest and ongoing as he grows and has questions. Your child will also know about you and the selfless act of love you chose so that he or she could have the life you envisioned. We hope to give you comfort and peace in your decision by sharing letters and pictures of the milestones and seasons of your child’s life.

Please know that should you choose to give us the enormous privilege and responsibility of raising your precious child, she or he will be infinitely loved and cherished. We send you lots of support, prayers and encouragement during this challenging time.

Loren and Matty

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