Adoptive Family Henry and Larisa
We’d like to introduce ourselves to you as possible adoptive parents, and we’d like you to know that we understand how difficult this decision is for you and your family. We offer our warmest wishes to you as you work your way through the tough choices that lie ahead.

We are a happily married couple living in a very diverse community in Louisiana. We are surrounded by a close group of friends and family. We’ve been together for twleve years, and married for seven this May. Henry and his family are natives of Louisiana and Henry has lived here most of his life. Larisa grew up and lived in Georgia her whole life before moving to Louisiana about 15 years ago.

We are both teachers. Larisa works as a principal at a local school, and Henry is a professor of Film at a local university. We are very much in love, but married later in life than most couples. So, after trying and failing to conceive on our own, we have begun the journey to become adoptive parents.

We own a lovely home, with plenty of room for a child to have her own room, lots of toys and books, and sleep-overs. We live in a quiet, safe, diverse neighborhood that is within walking distance to schools, parks, restaurants, a movie theater, and the public library. We have flexible hours and usually take summers off, and look forward to spending lots of time with our new little one. Henry’s job has offered him opportunities to teach abroad, which has given us chances to travel. It is our hope to provide a stable home life for a child, while also showing her the world.

We have two sisters in town with children, so our growing family includes lots of first cousins to play with, and most of our friends have little ones who are toddlers or just starting pre-school. One of our favorite play-date activities is to take the kiddos to the zoo to feed the giraffes.

We love good music, dancing, travel, literature, movies, and theatre, and we will raise our child in a deeply artistic environment. As prospective parents of an African-American child, we know that it is important that a child grow up with pride for the heritage that is hers by birth, as well as by upbringing. In our community, developing and practicing that pride comes naturally based on our rich history and traditions and it can also be a lot of fun.

The most important thing we have to offer is love, laughter, and joy. We are generous and kind, and can provide a child a stable home, a strong education, leading to an adulthood filled with promise and opportunity.

We understand that feeling connected to the life of your child can be essential, and we look forward to staying connected with you through letters, emails, photos, videos, phone calls, video chatting, and we are open to exploring other types of communication, if that is something you would want.

Parenthood has been the dream of our marriage, one that we hope will come true. We sincerely hope that you consider us as you review your options.


Henry and Larisa

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