Adoptive Family Brendan and Odessa

Hello! Our names are Brendan and Odessa. We first met in high school and reconnected a few years after graduation. Now we have been married for five wonderful years!

We would, first, like to thank you for taking the time to learn about our family and considering us to be the parents of your child. We want to calm any fears you may have about where your child will go and what he/she will know about you, if you were to choose our family. Please know that we will absolutely love this child and give them the best care we can, a life full of support, laughs, love and good memories.

Words cannot explain how excited be are to be adding to our family. We know that it is in God's perfect timing that a match will find us. The adoption story will not just be one of how we welcomed a precious life into our family, but it will also be a reflection of God welcoming us into his family. It is our hope and prayer that through this journey He is glorified.

Adoption was an easy choice for us. Odessa had some health risks with her last pregnancy and the risk will be even greater if she were to become pregnant again. Not only did we feel adoption is something the Lord was nudging us to do, but we also love that we are able to bring another child into our home, to share in our laughs and family fun. To us, adoption is more than bringing a new life into our home to love, provide for and raise in a safe environment. It is also a mirror of God's love for us and how He has adopted us into His family and calls us His own.

Our families are beyond excited about our decision to adopt. They are looking forward to having another cousin, niece/nephew, and grandchild! Odessa's mother (Oma or Grandma, as the kids call her) watches our children when Odessa works. The kids absolutely love it and they are always asking to go to her house - even on Odessa's days off! Oma loves watching the kids and is excited about having a new one to watch too!

As parents we know that having children means being very selfless every day, and the decision you are making is one that is selfless and out of love. We promise to always be honest with your child about their adoption story. He or she will know that you immensely loved them and wanted what was best for them. We would love to keep you updated through pictures and even communicate through email, if you would like. It is important to us that you know your child is in a safe place and is cared for and loved.

We have full respect for you as you are making this decision and admire your courage and love. We wish you much peace through this process. Thank you for taking the time to read about our family and consider us to take care of your child. It would be an honor to welcome your child into our family. We are praying for you and that you have peace with your decision, whatever that may be.


Brendan and Odessa

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