Adoptive Family Jason and Shea
We know that our opportunity and excitement about being parents again will come from the gift of a woman like yourself-that is strong and determined to find the perfect match for your child. There is no other act that matches the gift you are giving us-and we promise to guard, protect and love this gift throughout our lives.

We know you are reading about many families and we know it’s important to find the family that you envision as the right fit. That’s why we have tried to paint pictures of our daily life, our love for each other and our commitment to family.

We have been married for 18 years. We met early in college and were married right after. During this time, we didn’t think we could have children and talked about our dream of adoption. Then we found out we were having our twins! We grew even closer taking care of them together. We never gave up on our dream of adoption but wanted our twins to be older so we could fully devote our time to a new baby. We are ready! We have been together a long time and are partners as well as spouses. We have learned a lot from raising our twin babies and can’t wait to do it all over again with another precious miracle of life.

Adding a baby to our family means so much to our children. Being around nieces and nephews, they have long wanted a little brother or sister. They are twins but they are so different in such special ways! We hope that Carter shows your child his creative art skills, his skill for speaking, his outgoing personality and he is a fierce protector of his friends and family. We hope that Jack will help coach and play sports, share his love for cooking, and provide his fun sense of humor and his super hard work ethic! If anyone is more excited than us to have a new baby, it is the twins.

Shea loves to put together photo books of family trips, vacations and milestones in our kids lives. She can’t wait to make extra copies for you to see how your child is growing and see all the wonderful things your child is experiencing with our family. Jason loves to make family movies, such as our trips to Disney World, and can’t wait to share these with you as well. We want you to see your child and their happiest moments. This is so important to us, because we are parents and we know how important this is will be for you. These moments include losing their first tooth, or riding a bike, performing in their school play or getting their nails painted for the first time. Those moments are yours to share as much as ours. We can’t wait to put together this for you so you can feel peace and joy in not only your decision, but in your ability to see their growth and love with our family.

In between these letters and photo books, we would love to email you any other important news or milestones about your child. We want you to have the reassurance that you picked the right family for your baby and we are happy and excited to be able to share these moments, news and stories with you.

In closing, we hope that all we are about and all we love and cherish are things that you love and cherish....we hope that our family is the one for your child. Our life is about balancing fun, values, work, play, love and our Christian faith into raising a strong, loving family. We hope we can be that one for your child and complete our family as well as accept this amazing gift you could provide for us.

We always knew we would adopt, and we waited for the perfect time for our family. We trust and know that this perfect timing led us to you!

Take care,

Jason and Shea

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