Adoptive Family Andy and Tina

Hi! I’m Tina and my husband is Andy. Thank you for taking the time to view our profile! We are so excited you are considering us as potential parents for your child! We truly admire and respect you for considering adoption. It’s an amazingly selfless and loving decision, and one that we are sure is very difficult for you to make. We commend and admire your love and your strength and we will relay that to this precious child if you choose us to be his/her parents.

We want to help you imagine who we are by providing you with a view into our family. We have been married almost 7 years. We were blessed to find one another through friends and to connect through similar interests. We enjoy music, dancing, swimming, travelling, sporting events like football and baseball, cooking, going to the park or the beach, going for walks, and helping with charity events. We love to be active and to enjoy life.

One of our biggest joys in life has been becoming parents. We were blessed to have our son, Matthew, who turned 5 in December and we feel so incredibly lucky to have him in our lives. We tell him & show him everyday how much he is loved. Now, we hope to share our love with another child. Being a parent has been so rewarding and so challenging, yet we believe it is such an amazing privilege and one that we wouldn’t trade for anything. That’s why we want to welcome another child into our family and share an unconditional love like we’ve experienced with our son and nurture another child and give them all the opportunities we can.

We are supportive, loving parents who want to provide for our children and be there every step of the way as they grow and learn and choose their path in life. We want to help them become the best person they can be and work toward achieving their dreams.

We both come from very close-knit families and enjoy lots of family time. Going out is fun but staying in can be even more fun. We have lots of get togethers at our house for play dates, birthdays, family meals, holiday get togethers or BBQ/pool parties. Matthew loves having family and friends over.

Sometimes we have fun, just the 3 of us and our dog, playing hide and seek (or as our son called it tonight - Hide and Pop- since he wanted to have the person hiding make a popping noise so we could find them). Other times we go to the park for a picnic and play soccer or play at the playground or we go to a children’s museum or Disney or Legoland, or just stay home and play Yahtzee, swim, paint or cook together.

We want our son, and hopefully another child, to develop lots of interests and experience as much as possible. Watching a child grow and learn and sharing in that process is a tremendous gift. Matthew is a very loving, intelligent, amazing little boy who would love to be a big brother. We hope to give him that chance and to give another child, hopefully, your child, all the love and opportunities imaginable.

We will share and celebrate this child’s adoption story from the time they come into our family. We will tell them how much they are loved by you. We will share their joys and accomplishments with you through photos and letters so you will know you made the right choice. Adoption is a beautiful, selfless choice and we admire you for considering adoption for your child.


Andy and Tina

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