Adoptive Family Steve and Beatriz
Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this process. If you do choose adoption, we would be honored to love and raise your child. We were raised to be kind, loving, fun, hopeful, hard-working, faithful, loyal, trustworthy and respectful. These values we will pass down to our child. We are dedicated and devoted to giving our child the best.

We are a blended family. Beatriz is from Puerto Rico so she is Hispanic and of course speaks both Spanish and English. Steve is from a small town in Wisconsin. Steve and Beatriz will raise our child to embrace both of our cultures as well as cultures of other people. We realize that one of our greatest strengths as a couple is our diversity. Our unique values and blended values make us strong.

We have a wealth of life experiences we can't wait to share with a child and we lead a very active lifestyle. Beatriz runs to stay in shape. Steve rides his bicycle long distances. We love to go to concerts, watch movies, and celebrate major events and holidays with family. We also love to travel both domestically and internationally. We always explore new places and try new things.

We have a very loving and unique relationship. We married in September of 2014 and adoption is something we have discussed since before we were married. We are so very ready to lovingly welcome a child into our home! We want our child to have a life at least as blessed as our own, hopefully even better. As parents, we look forward to reading books, going to museums, taking in cultural events, going to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, going to the state fair, going to amusement parks and water parks, going to local sporting events, going to the movies and watching him or her participate in whatever they do for hobbies.

We will always share your child's adoption story with him or her and will always tell your child how much you love him/her. We plan to start a scrapbook of our adoption journey as a way of sharing your child's story with him/her and how he/she came to be a part of our family. We know that if you do choose us to raise your child, it is our job to love that child as our own, but also with every intention of giving him or her everything you would give your child. We promise to send letters and photos so that you share in your child's life, and are also open to other forms of communication, if that is something you would like.

Thank you for considering adoption as a healthy and loving blessing for your child. Should you go the adoption route we would be honored to raise your child as his or her parents ??" giving him or her a wonderful, loving and blessed life.

God Bless,

Steve and Beatriz

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