Adoptive Family Jonathan and Hayli
Hi, thank you for reading our letter! Our prayer is that you feel God's blessing and love as you walk this journey. We are thankful you are considering adoption and we admire your courage. Thank you for thinking about us as potential adoptive parents!

We've been married for four years and we're happy to discover that we love each other more with each passing year! We love spending time together and are the best of friends. We go on adventures together as often as we can, from our neighborhood to across the globe. We are true partners in everything we do, from cooking meals to running races!

We had our first conversation about adoption before we even started dating! We believe God builds families in many ways, and we feel adoption is a beautiful way. It is very meaningful to us and we've known for a long time that this is how we want to grow our family. We were both blessed tremendously by growing up in loving families with parents who were committed to each other. We want to provide our child with the same loving environment!

We are very excited and happy to become parents. We know it will be the most meaningful and challenging thing we ever do. Thank God we are surrounded by family and friends who support us and want to help! We will give our all to ensure our child is happy and healthy, and we are blessed to have the right people on our side to help us do just that.

We will surround our child with love, and we will embrace their culture and their heritage. Our family will be a beautifully diverse family and that makes us really happy and thankful. There are so many things we can't wait to explore with our child, most especially faith, education, the arts, and travel! We look forward to discovering the unique person that God has created them to be. We are excited to watch them explore and pursue their dreams. We will be their biggest supporters and encouragers! We care deeply about education--we've seen in our own lives how it has given us opportunities and created possibilities, and this is something we will definitely focus on with our child.

Our family's story will include your story. We will share with our child, from their birth onwards, how much you love them and care about them. We will share pictures and letters with you, as many as you'd like. We're open to as much communication as you are, including phone calls or visits if you decide this is what you want! This is your decision and we'll take your lead in how open you want to be.

The very best thing we can possibly do is raise a little girl or boy who follows Jesus and the golden rule. We are passionate about God, service, and being good and compassionate people. This will guide our family over the years and bind us together.

Our child will know they are deeply loved by God, by us, and by you. This is our promise, and we will honor and treasure you and your story.


Jonathan and Hayli

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