Adoptive Family Chris and Courtney
Let us start off by saying that it is going to be nearly impossible to put into words the gratitude and respect we have for you as you move through the difficult task of weighing all of your options. We are touched by your spirit and though we don’t know you, we are so proud of who we envision you to be! No matter what decision you wind up making for your child, take heart in knowing that it will be the right one; you clearly have your child’s very best interests at heart and for that, we commend you.

We’d also love to help you better understand us and what brought us to this part of our journey. We were married in April 2010 after three years of dating; as cliché as it sounds, we are best friends, and we love doing life together! We found out that we were pregnant just shy of our 1-year wedding anniversary. We were elated (and a smidge terrified), and were filled with total awe and mind-blowing love for the son we welcomed in December 2011.

Parenting has given us a tremendous sense of purpose and pride, and has truly made us better people. We take parenting very seriously - but not in the way that we’ve read every book and claim to be experts; that is certainly not the case. We were given a piece of advice by Courtney’s mom when our son Dylan was just under three weeks old: “Love that baby and trust your instincts; everything else will come.” How right she was.

After applying mom’s advice for about a year (Love! Trust! Instincts!), we decided we were going to add another little one to the family. Unfortunately, Courtney’s body had a different agenda; a diagnosis of secondary infertility sent us down a road of tests and procedures and none of the things that felt natural about having a baby. But one thing did seem natural: adoption.

We had to look at the big picture and evaluate why we wanted another child ... and there were a lot of answers! We want Dylan to have a sibling. We want to experience another round of “firsts." We know how great of a gig it is and can’t fathom not having another! But most of all, what it boiled down to was the ability to love, protect and nurture another child. And for us, it didn’t matter whose belly the baby grew in or whose genes it carried – those will just all be a part of the child’s story – and what a beautiful one it will be!

The child we adopt will always know their story from chapter one. It will be one of our greatest honors and responsibilities to teach our next child that it came purely from a place of love and goodwill. Also a part of those honors and responsibilities will be to teach our older son all of the same concepts about adoption, and we will certainly be keeping the birth parents updated on progress via letters and pictures. We would never want to withhold such valuable moments and treasures from someone who chooses to give us the greatest gift of all time.

In closing, we want you to know that the children we love and raise are everything to us. We firmly believe that a child should be a child – they should be protected and loved, and should experience and feel the things that are age-appropriate. They should respect others and be treated with respect, and our greatest wishes for our children is that they have the confidence to do what makes them happy, to excel at what fulfills them, and to know only a life of love.

As you go on to make your decision, feel free to use our favorite advice from Courtney’s mom. The love that you have for your child paired with your instincts will most certainly guide you to the right decision for you.

With deepest respect,

Chris and Courtney

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