Adoptive Family Jay and Tiffany
Our lives and our family are so full of joy. We’re so thrilled to be embarking on this journey to complete our family. Adoption is an overwhelming gift to us. We’re thinking of you and praying for you, and hope that we may be the right adoptive family for your child.

We got married in 2007, and have grown increasingly close throughout our marriage. Early in our marriage, we decided that we wanted 3 children. We were thrilled to start our family with our daughter in 2013, and added our son shortly after in 2015. However, Tiffany had some complications with her pregnancy and labor the second time around, and we decided that a third biological child wasn’t how we wanted to complete our family. We both have adoptions in our extended families, and quickly agreed that it was the right answer for our family.

We’ve already found our rhythm as parents, and are ready for the arrival of another child. We have a large play room in our basement full of books and toys for imaginative play. Tiffany doesn’t work outside the home, so the play room sees use almost every day--although she also gets out with the kids multiple times a week for visits to the zoo, parks, or playdates. Jay works as a software engineer, but is always home in plenty of time to cook dinner and spend the evening with the family.

Some of our family’s core values are joy, education, and compassion. Our home is always full of laughter and new experiences, and you can rest assured that your child will spend countless hours giggling and playing not only with us and their big sister and brother, but also our two lovable miniature schnauzers. We raise our children to be independent and capable, and their education extends way beyond “school skills.” We teach them how to cope with their emotions, and life skills that will make them successful. (Right now, this means potty training and putting on shoes and coats without help, but some day we’ll be teaching them to cook and manage their finances.) Above all, we want to raise children who love their family and their world. We want our children to always feel compassion for others, and not to lose sight of the blessings all around them.

We know that placing your child with the right adoptive family is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We want to provide you with lots of opportunities to see how your child is growing up in our family, so you can be at peace knowing you made the right decision. We will definitely send letters and pictures, but we’re open to a much closer level of contact if you’re comfortable with it--phone calls, video chat, and in-person meetings. We also keep a family blog that we update weekly with pictures and stories of our children, and would be happy for you to follow it. We know this contact is important for you to remain comfortable with your decision, but we also think our child would benefit from an understanding of their origin.

Parenting is the most important--and most challenging--calling of our lives. If you examine the rest of our profile, we hope you’ll find that we’re the family you’ve been dreaming of for your child. We adore our children, and are longing for a third to complete our own dreams. We’ll always look on your child as a special, miraculous gift.


Jay and Tiffany

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