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Adoption is a bond that ties two families together. We believe that considering adoption for your baby is an act of love, valiant and courageous. We honor you in this complex process and hope to establish a meaningful, lifelong relationship with you. This could be the start of an incredible story, where our lives meet and together we begin a brand new chapter. Through this letter, our profile, and family video we hope to provide you with an open and honest look into our family and the life we will offer to another child. We are ready to open our hearts and lives to you and your baby.

We have been together as a couple for 13 years, married in 2006. However, our story actually began in high school when we were both cast in the musical Oliver. During this time we developed a close friendship but after graduation we went our separate ways. Our paths crossed again when we attended our 10-year high school reunion. We spent the evening reminiscing about our high school days. We felt an immediate connection and were surprised to discover that we were both living in Minnesota just minutes from one another. We began dating, sharing our hopes and dreams, and building a loving relationship based on friendship and mutual respect. Our life together has been a great journey presenting us with many joys and challenges, teaching us to laugh often, love openly and honestly, and value every precious moment together.

Our dream to become parents came true when we welcomed our daughter Quinn in 2011. She has filled our lives with more happiness than we could ever have imagined. We enjoy the time we share laughing, being silly, playing, exploring nature, making crafts, snuggling up with a favorite book, and giving and receiving extra hugs and cuddles. We are proud to see the thoughtful and caring person Quinn is becoming. Quinn is so very excited over the prospect of becoming a big sister. While we love our little family, we have always envisioned a larger family and are eager to welcome another child into our lives. We are looking forward to showering another child with unconditional love, understanding, patience, and support, providing them with enriching experiences and amazing opportunities.

Adoption has always been part of our lives. Eileen was adopted as an infant and was raised in a family with both adopted and biological children. When we discovered that we would be unable to conceive again due to infertility issues, adoption seemed the natural next step. We had talked about adoption years ago when we first discussed having a family and both believed that someday adoption would be a beautiful way to grow our family. We look forward to welcoming another child through adoption and we know we will love this child with all our hearts.

We are supportive of open adoption and are eager to work together to create a plan that will honor and respect the level of openness you choose for yourself, your family, and your child. We will happily exchange photos, letters, and emails as well as set up a special website or Facebook page to share pictures, milestones and other significant updates. If more contact is right for all involved we would be open to exploring those options as well. Please know that whatever you choose we will honor and respect your wishes.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We hope we have given you a sense of who we are. If you are interested in learning more, we would love the opportunity to share more of our lives with you. As you consider the future for your child, we hope that you will find what you desire. Whatever your decision, we wish you peace and happiness.

With Loving Kindness,

Brad and Eileen

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