Adoptive Family John and Jen

Thank you so much for reading our profile and considering us to be parents to your child! We consider it a great honor. We are thrilled about the opportunity to be parents and to share our love and blessings with a child.

Even though our families grew up very near each other, we first met a little over seven years ago and have been married over five years. After trying to conceive for a while, we learned that it would be nearly impossible for us to have a child on our own. We considered our options and decided that adoption was the way we wanted to build our family. We are drawn to the idea of multiple families coming together to love and support a child.

We are excited about the ability to provide our child with many opportunities. We believe our biggest opportunity is to share our love and support with our child. We are both blessed with good jobs, and we work hard to excel at our professions. However, we also realize that life is a gift, and it should be enjoyed. We love spending time outdoors exploring local parks, grilling and working in our yard. We also like to get away at least once a year for vacation and visit an area we have not yet seen.

Spending time with our family is a top priority for us. We love to host our family for BBQs! We also try to attend many of our nieces and nephews' sporting and school events. In addition, we frequently visit Jen's paternal grandmother who lives at a nearby assisted living facility as well as Jen's maternal grandmother who lives on a farm a little over an hour away.

Both our faith and education are very important to us. We will teach our child about God and God's unending love for him or her. Our metropolitan area has a strong Catholic school system, and we plan to have our child attend schools in this system. However, we know that everyone learns differently, and we will make sure our child has the best learning environment possible.

We also know that a lot of learning happens outside the classroom. We plan to introduce our child to a wide variety of things to find out what excites him or her, and we plan to learn along the way as well! We already envision attending sporting events and visiting our local outdoor theater, zoo, farms, swimming pool and many more attractions. We look forward to sharing our adventures and updates about our child and his or her growth with you through letters, e-mails and photos.

We also plan to share our child's adoption story with him or her at an early age. We will tell our child about you and your love and care for him or her that led you to choose adoption, along with our deep desire to love a child that led us to choose adoption.

We sincerely admire your love for your child and your desire for your child to have the best life possible. We can only imagine that you may be experiencing a great deal of emotions and uncertainty; and we pray that God's peace, comfort and wisdom be with you.

With loving regards,

John and Jen

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