Adoptive Family Justin and Aurora

Hello. Our names are Aurora and Justin. We do not know your circumstances, but we do know that is a brave and selfless choice to consider adoption. We hope that we can provide some answers to the many questions you may have that will help you with the decision ahead. If you pick us to be parents for your child, we promise to raise them in a fun environment, give them examples of good values and teach them about their cultural background.

We have been married for 14 years and adopting a child is one of the first issues we spoke about in our relationship. We have two biological children, Socrate and Luna, and an adopted child, Leone. They are thrilled about having a new brother or sister. Justin comes from a large family and has wonderful childhood memories of the fun that comes from growing up with lots of siblings. We have always wanted to provide the same experience for our children, adopted and biological. Our wider families are also excited about the idea of getting to know and loving a new child.

We are very open in our family about adoption. Much like we are doing with Leone, we will let your child know they are loved and special and that we were lucky to be chosen as their parents. We will talk with your child early and often about their adoption story, as this will become a part of our unique family life and culture. We believe that your child should know of your love for them in making an adoption plan and our gratitude for the opportunity to be part of their life. We will speak with your child about their cultural and ethnic background. We promise that we will also share with you through photos, letters and emails how your child is growing and let you know about key milestones in their childhood.

We are trying to raise our children in a loving family and this family life will be enriched by the adoption of your child. We will seek to teach our children through our own actions and example to love and respect themselves and others. We will love this child and do everything we can to help realize their potential and lead a good life. Of course, we will be there for them always, in the good times, the bad times and everything in between.

We have been blessed with strong relationships within our immediate and wider families and with good health – and we feel we have so much to share with your child. We are lucky to both have good and reliable jobs that provide us with financial stability. Our neighborhood and community are fun and diverse, providing a supportive environment for raising a family. There are many good schools, parks, and fun activities for children to be involved in.

We have a lot of respect for the decision you are making and believe that adoption is a precious gift of love. As you think about who will raise your child, we want you to know that it would give us immense joy to make him or her part of our lives. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and we wish you strength and peace for the road ahead.

Warmest regards,

Justin and Aurora

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