Adoptive Family Trevor and Alicia

Before we tell you anything about ourselves, we would like to thank you. Just the thought of our letter being read gives us hope and excitement. We may not know you but we know how much you must love your baby; choosing adoption is the most unselfish choice that any one person can make and we are honored that you would take the time to let us give you a glimpse into our lives.

We would love to tell you all about ourselves and what growing our family would mean to us, but first of all you should know this…we are not perfect. We have flaws, we are real. Our hope is that by letting us tell you about ourselves and how much we love being parents, that you find us a perfect fit for you and therefore a perfect fit for your baby.

We have been married for nearly 9 years and together for 16, meeting through mutual friends when we were 17. Our friends and family would describe us as the ‘fun’ couple, we love making up reasons to host small get-togethers, like decorating Easter eggs or watching a football game. We are family oriented, seeing our families often throughout the week, and in the past year and half we have been blessed with 3 nieces and nephews, whom we can’t get enough of. We love the outdoors, hiking and relaxing at the pool or on the lake. The most important thing to know about us is that we are the very proud parents of Emmit, whom we adopted, and is now almost two. He has brought pure joy to our life.

We always knew that we wanted to raise a family, we both love children so much. As the days and then years went by as we tried to have children, our desire to become parents only grew deeper. When we turned to adoption and away from fertility it was with hope and relief that our story would finally have a happy ending. Our son is a constant reminder that dreams come true; we are so in love with him that we would love to bring another child into our home. We were both fortunate to grow up with siblings that we now call our best friends; we would love for Emmit to have the same kind of memories growing up. Your baby can look forward to a life full of love, humor, and learning about the things that really matter in life, respect, honesty, family, and unselfishness. We believe in spoiling a child with opportunity more than material items and we are looking forward to having our children with us as we travel and take on new adventures.

This is not the first time we have been down this road, but this is even more exciting because we know the joy that a child brings; We have learned over the past year and a half that no matter how sleepless the nights or how many diapers or colds, there isn’t a measure of how much we love and appreciate being parents. Watching our son discover the world is most amazing, we hope that if you should choose us to adopt your newborn, we would be able to share pictures and letters with you as they grow, so that you can see how happy and loved that they are.

We understand that it is a leap of faith to trust someone you have never met but please know that your baby will be loved unconditionally. As we wait in anticipation for the day to arrive when we finally welcome a new baby, please know that we are thinking of you and wish nothing but the best for you and your journey to find the ‘perfect’ family.


Trevor and Alicia

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