Adoptive Family Chad and Stacey

We can only guess that you are going through many emotions. While we cannot know exactly what you are thinking, we can give you assurance that we will be wonderful parents for your child.

Being a parent is something we have wanted for many years. We hope that when you read our profile, you will learn that we are loving and caring people who want to love a child and teach them everything we can. We have been married for 7 years, but our total time together goes back 13 years as we dated for quite a few years before marriage. We knew each other in high school but we did not date until we were both out of college and were reintroduced by a mutual friend. We really hit it off on our first date!

We have always felt very comfortable around each other and we can tell each other anything which is important to both of us. We have many things in common such as our values and our love for animals, in addition to our hobbies of reading, movies, games and other shared interests. One of the things Stacey loves about Chad is that he has this adorable way of talking to our cats. He can be very goofy as he playfully chases our cats so he can hold and cuddle with them. It always makes her laugh and think of how great he will be with a child. Chad always says how he loves how caring and nurturing Stacey is as she will do many things for him such as cooking or caring for him or our cats when they are sick.

As you look through our pictures, you might notice that there is a teddy bear in some of the pictures. The bear is called Lucky and he lets you know that we are thinking of our future child when we go out and do activities. We plan to visit the same places and take pictures with our child and Lucky Bear to create some special memories. We plan to explain from a very early age that he or she is adopted so that this is normal to them. Lucky Bear will be a gift to our future child and we plan to show those pictures to our child as a way to reinforce the message that he or she will always be loved. We do plan to write letters and send pictures and are looking forward to corresponding with you.

We will provide the best future we possibly can for your child which includes plenty of love, fun, activities and a well-balanced education. We will support him or her with any interests they wish to pursue as well as going to college. Our daily lives will become much more joyful with a child and we are looking forward to completing our family. We understand that adoption is a hard decision for a birth parent to make and we hope that our profile has provided some comfort if you are considering adoption for your child. We are truly grateful you chose to read our profile and hope that you will consider us as adoptive parents.


Chad and Stacey

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