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When we think about you and what you are considering for your child, we admire you because you are the kind of parent we aspire to be, one that selflessly puts the love for their child first. We hope our story shows how we would make great parents for your child. We will work hard to provide the best possible life for your child filled with love, laughter, family, and an unconditional commitment to them and to you.

We are Kim and Tom and hope that you can see through our profile the love we have for each other and our family, the respect we have for you, and how our family would fit into the vision you have for your child. We have been married for over 8 years and together for more than 10 years. We have a loving relationship based on trust, friendship, and mutual respect. We are a team in every aspect of our lives. Tom is easy going, genuine, and has a great sense of humor that makes everyone laugh. Kim is caring, nurturing and always there to help a friend. We are both honest, open minded, and have a thirst for learning new things. Kim has been learning how to play the piano and picked up tennis while Tom has been learning about solar energy and how we can become more environmentally friendly.

Currently, we are parents to our 4 year old son Alexander. We take the responsibility of parenting seriously but also enjoy relaxing and just having fun. On a warm summer weekend we love nothing more than to set up the inflatable pool in the back yard for Alexander to splash around in, while we grill out with friends or family and play a couple rounds of corn hole.

We both value education and will share that with our children by providing a good education and by being active in the world around us. We also want to make sure our children experience a wide variety of activities so they can find something they are passionate about. To encourage this passion, we enjoy activities like sports, trips to the library, and playing music.

Family is important to us and our family is very excited about our decision to adopt. We recently moved back to Tom’s hometown which has been great for us. Tom’s parents, who live nearby, are looking forward to having another grandchild to read stories to and give lots of hugs and snuggles, too.

We believe adoption is a bond that ties two families together. And as such would like to have an openness level you are comfortable with. If you would like, we are happy to send pictures and email updates, as well as phone calls and visits. We believe that an open relationship can be beneficial for everyone and we want to make that as easy as possible. We plan to be open and honest with your child about their adoption from an early age and make sure they know you made this sacrifice out of love. Ultimately, our goals are the same, we both want to help your child grow up in a loving and supportive environment and help them to reach their full potential.

long journey starts with a single step, we hope you will take the first step of this journey of a lifetime with us.

With much love and respect,

Tom and Kim

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