Adoptive Family Johnny and Susan
Our names are Susan and Johnny and we live in Southern California. We married almost 5 years ago in a beachside wedding in Santa Monica. We will never forget that day, the beautiful sunset, sand between our toes, the tears of joy, love all around us. What we didn’t know on that beautiful day is that almost 5 years later we wouldn’t have children. Just like you, our life path took a detour in an unexpected direction. But what we believe is that even though an unexpected direction happened it doesn’t mean it won’t be any less purposeful and blessed than any other direction in life. We hope you know this too ... You and your child are gifts to this world. You both have life paths ahead of you. Your life’s situation might not be ideal to have a child at this time and that’s OK. The decision you are considering making is the most selfless and loving gift you can give your child.

We understand that this is a very difficult time for you and you must be experiencing a wide range of emotions and will continue to do so during this process and after. We hope that once you make your decision you can find comfort and peace. We would like to be that comfort for you. We know in our hearts that your child will have blessed life in our home. A childhood full of unconditional love, innocence and wonder. A feeling of safety and support thru all of life’s experiences. Your child will know how valued they are and how much love you had to make this decision to provide them with loving parents in the best upbringing possible.

We’re bursting with excitement over becoming parents. It’s a dream come true for us to share our special moments with a child. Our walks around the harbor on the weekends as a family even including our dog Jack- a Jack Russell Terrier. Watching the boats coast along the water, the occasional dolphin flip in and out of the surf and the kids playing in the sand. I don’t think a day has gone by when we didn’t say as we walked around that we can’t wait to share these moments with our child. It’s those simple moments that are the most important in life, spending time together as a family ... these moments are the building blocks for a life filled with a sense of belonging, security, safety and love. These are all the ingredients we will provide for a strong sense of well being into adulthood. Family is very important to us as we have tight bonds with our parents and siblings. We look forward to Sunday dinners with the Ortega family, all the cousins, aunts and uncles and then spending Holidays and summer vacations on the east coast with Susan’s family. Regardless of what the day will hold your child will be loved.

When we realized that fertility was going to be a challenge for us, we both knew in our hearts that adoption was a path we were destined for. At no time did we say, "Is this for us?" We know this is for us and we can’t wait to be blessed with a child and we hope you believe that child would be yours.

We know this is difficult and we make this promise to you to love your child and provide the best life we can and in return we will honor you and provide the updates with pictures and letters about how your child is evolving into a wonderful little person. We want you to be proud and have that sense of peace. We want to be that comfort for you knowing the decision you made was the most loving gift you could give your child.

Thank you for the gift of considering us.

Johnny and Susan

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