Adoptive Family Brennan and Julie

How do you write a letter expressing why someone should pick you for their child? What could possibly be said that would ever be enough? The words that follow pale in comparison to the emotions and love we have for the decision you are making. You are allowing us, or whomever you choose, the honor of raising your child - so let us start this with thank you. Thank you for making this difficult decision, and thank you for considering us.

We have been married for 5 years. We started dating in 2009 and both instantly knew that we had found our soulmate. We had the same goals and values and our personalities complimented each other perfectly. Brennan is the strong silent type and Julie is the outgoing and bubbly one - a perfect yin and yang. We married in 2011 as best friends, and our relationship has only gotten stronger. We have a great support system with our close family and friends, which has created a strong foundation for us. We love the potential we see in our growing family and are overjoyed to experience what the future has in store for us.

A little over a year after being married we were blessed with our daughter, Penelope. She brought so much love, happiness, and joy into our home, our lives, and the lives of everyone around us. Having had complications during Penny’s birth, we wanted to wait before trying to have another child. We also wanted to enjoy every moment we had with her as we embraced our new roles as parents and learned how to be a family of three. When we were ready to expand our family, we started trying to conceive our second child. After a year with no success, we sought help from our OBGYN. Their knowledge and expertise weren't enough and an infertility specialist was suggested. After months of treatment, unsuccessful outcomes, and heartache, we took a break to reflect on our situation.

For us, it was never a matter of IF we would adopt, it was always a matter of WHEN. With attempts to conceive a second child not coming to fruition, we finally realized that this was simply our way of knowing that now is that time, and our second child was meant to come into our family through adoption.

We've gone through a long journey bringing us here and we know the road that you are on is a long one too. We are hoping our roads lead to each other and continue on together for the rest of our lives. We know this is the path we are meant to be on and love the peace that has come over us during this process.

This is a journey that doesn't just affect us, it also affects our children and families, as well as you and yours. We are looking forward to going on this journey with you more than anything in the world. We truly hope you will consider us. We look forward to sharing letters, photos, and potentially more as our families continue to intertwine. That is huge for everyone involved! We will always be connected and you will always have a place in the bigger picture of this child's life.

We are all about to go through a lot of emotions, and we hope that the letters and photos from us give you some comfort in knowing that your choice was the most selfless and loving decision for your child. You will also be giving our family something that we can't give ourselves and this is not lost on us. We will forever be grateful and thankful for your decision.

All of our love,

Brennan and Julie

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