Adoptive Family Ryan and Masae
A family isn't about genetics, or having a handy source of spare kidneys, when we get old. An added benefit, perhaps, but not the main reason. For us, it's about passing on our values, feelings, knowledge, and experience; in lieu of passing on our blood type.

So who are we, and what are our plans, for our future child?

Ryan is currently employed in the U.S. Air Force, as a Computer Network Administrator. Rather than being a glamorous fighter pilot, whose job will be replaced by automated drones; his work is that of a computer engineer, whose job is to “be” a drone (in a good way). It's a fun and challenging job, that suits him. A typical nerd, complete with a pair of extra-strength eyeglasses, and a love of science fiction/fantasy; he mainly enjoys quiet activities, like computer games, tabletop RPGs, hiking, traveling, kayaking, and reading.

Masae is Japanese. Previously working as a dental assistant, with a major in English, she is looking forward to becoming a stay-at-home mom once we welcome a child into our family. She enjoys cooking, jewelry crafting, badminton, reading, and snowboarding. As a Buddhist, she tries to live by the philosophy of doing the right thing, with the right frame of mind.

We began pursuing adoption after learning that we would not be able to have a child biologically. Despite the devastating shock of our infertility, we didn't want to give up our dream. We are now so excited to be on this adoption journey and we cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives as a family of three! We intend to talk to our child about their adoption story as soon as they are able to understand. We'll explain that we love them very much, and that their adoption story shows that love, warmth, and family, are not defined by blood.

It's our belief, that the most important lesson we can teach, is that the world is made up of diverse perspectives, and beliefs. With so many wide-ranging beliefs, there can be more than one “right” answer, or solution. It's important to find the things we have in common; and equally important to acknowledge our differences, and learn from one other. Diversity can open our eyes to new ways of approaching a situation. Despite one parent being an American Christian, and the other being a Japanese Buddhist, we work to fill our home with warmth. Our love for each other is more important than the differences in our perspectives and spiritual beliefs. We become closer through our commonality, and grow through our diversity.

Speaking of growth, we will share the growth of our child with you, through pictures and letters, so you can see their development, for yourself. We hope this will provide you with peace of mind, and perhaps the feeling that you made the right choice, with us.

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We hope you'll consider us, when choosing a loving home for your baby.

Best regards,

Ryan and Masae

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