Adoptive Family Bobby and Leah

We are Bobby and Leah and we met almost nine years ago through a mutual friend who was hosting a game night. Leah was the new girl to the group, Bobby was wearing pink bunny slippers, and it was love at first sight. Except that it totally wasn't, but after getting to know each other over the better part of a year, we began dating. We’ve been together over eight years, and have been married for six years. Since we met in our late 20s, we didn’t have the luxury of time when it came to having children, so we waited about 2 years and then started trying to conceive. Since November of 2014, we have had countless doctor appointments, a few surgical procedures, one round of IVF, a positive pregnancy test that revealed twins, and then the devastating loss of our twins 5 and a half months later. You see, when we say that we want to be parents, we really mean it. We have invested our hearts into this process and want nothing more than to raise amazing, tiny humans into wonderful adults.

A child who joins our family will be surrounded by love and family. Both sets of grandparents live close and are crazy excited to love on a baby and watch them grow into a tremendous person. This child will also have a bunch of cousins to play with, attend school with, and make silly and fun cousin memories. Not only have our families and friends prayed over this child and their well-being, but we have also prayed for you. We know that the decision to place your child for adoption was not one that you made lightly, and we want you to know that our decision to adopt was not made lightly either. Both of us deeply believe that everything that we have been through over the past few years has led us to you. God’s timing is perfect, and we know that He has the best possible situation in mind for a child that will join our family, and He also has the best situation in mind for you.

We want you to know that a child raised in our home will be loved and cherished. They will wake up every morning knowing that they are loved, safe, and cared for. They will lay their head down at night, resting in the security of our love and protection. A child raised in our home will know lots of laughter, music, and fun! They will get the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country to visit friends and family. They won’t be stuck in one place, but will be able to experience this amazing country and the different people and cultures that make up the places that are near and dear to us. A child who joins our family will be taken to church, will be prayed for and prayed with, will be introduced to the God of the universe. We will do our utmost to cultivate a child's relationship with God and to strengthen their faith as they walk through all of the ups and downs of this life. We will teach a child the value of laughter, we will hold them when they hurt, kiss booboos, work on the obligatory school project the night before it's due, and cheer them on as they cross all of life's milestones.

Of course, we want you to be included in those milestones too. We want you to know that we will send pictures and letters of the big things like birthdays and Christmases, as well as the fun little things, like first pet gold fish, or taking second place in a spelling bee. We are open to the possibility of more open communication as the years go on. After all, this child will know who you are from the very beginning; how your loving decision allowed us the gift of family. This child will always know how brave this decision was, and how you love this child very much. The decision to place a child for adoption is one that only a super hero could make. Are you our super hero?

With love,

Bobby and Leah

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