Adoptive Family Rob and Nicole
We are full of awe at the commitment and selflessness that it takes to give a child the gift of life, and we will always do our best to honor your gift by making sure your child knows how courageous, loving and powerful you are. If you choose us to parent your child, we will feel so honored and full of gratitude. We look forward to meeting you and promise to do our best to support you throughout this process.

We have been married for sixteen years. Our relationship is close and strong, and we practice open and honest communication. We met in our early 20s and in a way we grew up together, which has made us very compatible. We have very similar tastes—in music, art, hobbies, people, etc.—and similar personalities. We both love intellectual life and have postgraduate degrees, but we also love physical activity. We value and respect many different kinds of people, and have friends and family members from all walks of life. We are both strongly committed to one another, but also fiercely independent. We have supported each other through thick and thin and have a tremendous amount of love for each other. We look forward to sharing our love with a child and can't wait to start the challenging and inspiring journey of being parents!

We have always wanted children, but we have waited until our careers are settled and we're in good financial health before starting a family. Rob found out many years ago he would probably not be able to have biological children. We worked with fertility specialists for a while but did not feel disappointed when it did not work. Adoption has always felt very natural to us, since we have quite a few adopted family members and friends. We both wanted to adopt a child before we met each other, and we feel so happy to be able to grow our family through adoption.

We are both professionally ambitious and have careers that we love. While our jobs are intellectually fulfilling and demanding, we also have very flexible work schedules and we prioritize family time. We are also goofy and whimsical together, and we love to play and be active. We keep fit and strong through frequent exercise (including running, weight lifting, dancing, swimming, racquetball, and other activities) and we enjoy physical and vigorous play with children. We believe that play teaches many important lessons and skills, in addition to being lots of fun! Our house has many spaces for play inside and in the yard, and we live in a community with lots of parks and outdoor play areas for children. We have experimented with many different games (mostly made up on the spot) with our nephews, godchildren, and friends' children. We are really excited to spend a lot of time playing and learning!

We view parenting as the opportunity to join a child's life, and we are looking forward to the wild adventure of helping your child grow into his or her full self and develop a unique set of skills to engage with and contribute to the world. We will give your child a thorough education that includes domestic and foreign travel, learning new languages, spending time in nature, going to museums, being physically active, and performing community service. Your child will have the opportunity to go to college if he or she wishes, because we value education and our jobs include college tuition benefits. We are also extremely supportive of different ways to live a fulfilling life, and if your child prefers not to go to college we will love him or her just the same. We will support your child's dreams and are excited to see what they might be!

We believe open communication is the foundation of a healthy family, and we will talk about adoption openly with your child. We see this as something that makes our family extra special and means your child is loved by two sets of parents. We respect the principles of open adoption and will send you letters and pictures of your child on a schedule that best suits you, and we are also willing to have phone calls and invite you for home visits if you wish. We believe that it is important for the development of your child to know you, and we honor your desire to know him or her. We want you to feel completely comfortable with and proud of your decision.

Rob and Nicole

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