Adoptive Family Chris and Christine
Thank you for taking a look at our profile and considering us as adoptive parents. We realize this is a hard decision and thank you for considering adoption.

If you were to choose us your child would have a truly blessed life. We live in a beautiful spacious home in one of the prettiest, most exciting spots in the country. Our neighborhood perfectly blends the best parts of the outdoors like rivers, parks, and wildlife sanctuaries, with the most entertaining parts of the city, such as great shopping, dining, shows, events, and cultural diversity. We already made plenty of lasting memories here but are absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to expand on that with a child of own.

We have been married for three years however have known each other for five years. We are truly blessed to have found a soul mate. Over time our bond has only strengthened not weakened. We both come from families and parents with strong loving partnerships and know what a pivotal role this has played in the success of our marriage.

Your child would also have three of the most excited and doting grandparents ever; not to mention numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins of all ages. We both have lots of family on each of our sides and both sides are close with each other, not just with us. Family time like holidays and traditions are so important to us. We can already imagine family Christmases; opening presents under the tree, family ski trips, boating, and meals together. Christine is looking forward to “Mommy and me” classes, trips to the playground, and playdates. Chris is looking forward to sharing his love for sports and music. We can’t wait to spend days together at the waterpark or kayaking along the Potomac. Regardless of what we are doing our days will be filled with laughter, love, and smiles.

We believe that education, strong ethics, and morals are fundamental to a child’s development. Communication between the two of us is one of the high points of our relationship and we hope to teach our child through example how important it is to openly share their feelings as well as being receptive to others. Regardless of their successes or failures we want any child of ours to realize that they didn’t do it on their own and life is about how you treat others.

This is our first adoption. If we are fortunate enough we hope your child will be joined by other siblings through adoption as well. If you were to choose us we hope to stay in contact with you as much as you’re comfortable with. It’s important to us that any child of ours understands their story and never feels the place they came from is a mystery. We not only want him/her to feel comfortable with how our family came to be but you to also rest assured that you made the right decision and your child is loved and well cared for. We love to take pictures (especially Christine!) and write. We hope you’ll enjoy receiving them as much as we’ll enjoy making them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. We hope this gives you a sense of understanding about our commitment to becoming parents. Adoption is one of the most selfless and loving gifts that can be chosen by all involved. We’re appreciative of your strength, courage, and love and wish you the best in your decision.


Chris and Christine

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