Adoptive Family Paul and Carri

While we can only begin to imagine all the different things you are sorting through right now, we do know one thing - you are making plans to provide your child a future that is filled with love, joy, and stability. And we know that you are the only person who knows what the right choices are for your child. We are so thankful that you are taking the time to consider our family and we hope this letter and profile convey the endless amount of love and fun that our family hopes to share.

There are three of us in our family and we are so excited to make it four. We (Carri and Paul) have known each other since high school. We started dating in college, fell for each other right away, and have been deeply in love since. Paul is an occupational therapist and executive director of a group that provides rehabilitation to people with brain and spinal cord injuries. He loves outdoor activities like kayaking and hiking and playing sports with our one son, Gavin. He has a goofy sense of humor that causes the rest of the family to groan frequently. Carri is a former elementary school teacher and currently the chief engagement officer at a school district. She enjoys playing volleyball, dancing and reading with Gavin snuggled on the couch. She is a fierce champion for children and has a soft spot for underdogs, often cheering for teams and individuals others have overlooked.

Eight years ago, we were blessed to have our son Gavin. He is a fun loving, active kid with a big heart, especially for babies and little kids. He desperately wants to have a little sister or brother to share his days and adventures with. We always wanted to have a bigger family, but it turns out that we are unable to have more children on our own. That is how we came to seek adoption as a way to grow our family and we are really thrilled about the possibilities.

So what can we offer your child? Perhaps that can best be explained by sharing some of the values that guide our family and are reflected in our home. Love and faith is the foundation of our family. We believe that God unconditionally loves and cares for all people, including us. In response, we are called to serve and love our community. We do this through our church, through our jobs, and our daily actions. Like any other family, we aren’t perfect, but the values of caring for and serving others are those we work hard to model.

Spending meaningful time with family and friends is also prioritized. Much of our down time is spent as a family: exploring the city we live in, camping and hiking, playing games, and building memories. We have times that are serious and respectful and times of unguarded fun, like impromptu dance parties in the basement and lively debates during family dinners.

Finally, and most importantly, our greatest hope for Gavin and our future child is they know they are loved, feel safe, and they are empowered to lead happy and fulfilled adult lives. As part of our family, they will always have our unconditional love.

We are really excited about the potential of parenting again and of an open adoption. We are fully committed to providing updates through letters, pictures, email, phone calls, or any means you prefer. And we would be happy to set up annual visits with you if that is what you desire.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know our family as you develop your adoption plan. We are truly honored by your consideration. Whether or not you chose us as parents for your child, please know that our thoughts and prayers are with both of you and that we wish you peace and comfort throughout this process.


Paul and Carri

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