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Thank you so much for taking the time to view our profile and hopefully get to know us more. We understand that you may be going through a difficult time and making a very important decision at this moment for yourselves and your child most especially. First of all, we want to emphasize how precious the value of LIFE is for us-- The greatest gift from GOD who is the author of life itself.

We are Mannie and Ed. We’ve know each other since first grade , even though we did not become the best of friends until our later teen years, we believe God always had a plan for us to end up marrying each other. We’ll be married nineteen years this year and all this time nourished our relationship with openness and consistently supporting each other through good and challenging times. We believe that we’ve developed a stable, strong and solid relationship especially through the difficulties we hurdled with perseverance and God’s guidance.

We both come from big families three of which were adopted as newborns so the concept of adoptions is not strange to us at all. The last four years have been our best yet. By Divine plan, we were graced with Joel’s presence that brought us much deeper love, joy and enthusiasm not just to our marriage but to our extended families as well. He is an absolute proof of God’s miracle working in our life far more than we ever imagined. At this point and once again, we seek God’s guidance should it be His plan for us to grow our family and be entrusted another gift of life. If you would find us suited to become your child’s adoptive parents, we believe that our calling as parents is to provide our children a healthy, balanced, free and happy life. We will make sure that each child gets adequate attention based on their individual needs, be it physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual. We also give more emphasis on creating happy and unforgettable memories for our child to treasure than just showering them with material things. We feel that even the most simple and ordinary things done in extraordinary and fun ways will matter a lot to our growing children. We also give importance in developing and practicing good values. We will provide a home environment of which LOVE is its basic foundation. We also believe that more than any verbal advice we can share with our children, it’s our every appropriate action that will serve as REAL example in order to learn and develop good character themselves. Joel already exhibits good traits and habits and expresses his eagerness to become a hands-on big brother. He is aware of what his younger sibling will need and looks forward to teaching him/her a lot of good things. We are certain Joel is so deserving to have a sibling he longs to love and care for.

We understand adoption is an on-going learning experience for everyone involved but our concern is centered on doing what’s best for our children. Since Joel was born, we have been in contact consistently with his birth parents twice a year providing them detailed updates regarding Joel’s growth and development along with tons of photos we send. We have also expressed openness to be in touch with them more frequently and in some other ways as well like emails and phone calls. We will welcome and reach out to you in the same manner as your child will bind us as extended families. We are aware that this is a life-long commitment we’re taking upon ourselves should you choose us but rest assured that the LOVE and AFFECTION we have for one another will be shared with your child. We would be very honored to become your extended family. We pray for your strength and courage during this time. If you have any questions, please let us know, we would love to hear from you.


Ed and Mannie

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