Adoptive Family Garret and Emily
Hello, we are Emily and Garret. We have been together for about 6 ½ years and recently celebrated our third wedding anniversary. Growing our family through adoption has always been a dream of ours and we’re excited to be on this journey!

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and the life we hope to share with a child. We also thank you for considering adoption. Whatever you decide is right for you and wherever this path should take you, we wish you strength and peace.

We met at a dinner party with friends shortly after Garret finished his time with the military. Our connection was instant, and we married just a few years later surrounded by family and close friends.

We’re lucky to have two great families, and they’re over the moon that we’re on our way to becoming a family of three. We enjoy making the drive to Wisconsin to spend time with Emily’s parents and visiting her brother, sister-in-law and two adorable kids in California. Garret’s family lives nearby. Family breakfast every Sunday is a long-standing tradition, and we spend lots of time with Garret’s sister Heather throughout the week. Two of our closest friends - who are also planning to adopt - live just down the street.

We both feel fortunate to have found success and fulfillment in our professional careers. Emily is a communications executive for a national nonprofit organization that helps people living with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and Garret is an Information Technology Director for a large health care company. We are passionate about improving the lives of others, supporting our community, and ensuring that everyone is treated with respect and given the chance to succeed.

There are so many things we look forward to sharing with our child. We love to get outdoors with our dog or take trips to mountainous places, but also love a comfy afternoon at home. Emily loves to read and play the piano. She’s also an occasional crafter who will spend an afternoon painting, knitting or framing prints, and looks forward to helping a child find ways to express creativity through art. Garret is the head cook of our family and takes pleasure in planning and making a meal (never fancy, but always trying to use new ingredients). He’s also a nerd and enjoys learning new concepts, playing video games or watching a sci-fi movie.

We’re excited to have a child in our home and spend every waking minute making this world a safe and exciting place to live and learn and grow. We also look forward to celebrating the fact that our child is adopted - we’re excited to share their adoption story with them as they piece together their life’s narrative and find their place in the world. Should you choose us to parent your child, we promise to share that story with you through pictures, emails and letters. And please know that we will always recognize and embrace you as an important piece of this child’s story.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and the life we are so excited to share with a child.

Thank you,

Garret and Emily

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