Adoptive Family Mike and Leanne
Hi! We are Mike and Leanne and we are grateful for you taking time to read a little about us and hear our story. We hope this gives you a small glimpse into our lives and answers some questions you may have about us. While we can’t begin to imagine what you must be thinking and feeling right now, we do know that you will ultimately make the right decision, and we fully support that decision. We hope you are able to find peace and solace during this challenging time. And if you do choose to pursue the path of adoption, we hope and pray part of that decision includes considering us to raise your child.

We have been happily married for 11 years now and have known each other for 14. God has blessed us in many ways and we are truly grateful. One of those blessings arrived through adoption almost 2 years ago. After struggling with infertility for 6 years, we went on an adoption journey, which led us to our son, Luke. We were confident God had designed us to be parents and were overjoyed upon receiving the call. Both being raised in loving families who instilled great qualities in us, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to extend those qualities on our Luke. It has been amazing to watch Luke grow each day, physically, intellectually and emotionally. But we’ve also seen ourselves grow. We’ve grown through patience, humility, self control and abundant love. He has made an enormous impact on our lives. Our positive adoption experience has led us to consider growing our family through adoption again.

Please know, that if you choose us, we promise to love this child wholeheartedly, provide for them unselfishly, guide them in life’s hard decisions, celebrate their accomplishments, teach them about God’s love and grace and provide opportunity for them to discover all the joy life has to offer. They will not know a day without immense love surrounding them. Ultimately, our promise is to provide a secure home full of laughter, love, respect and compassion. We are fully committed to welcoming your child with open arms.

We appreciate that you have taken the time to read our profile and are thankful for the chance to be considered. We have the utmost respect for you and your courage for considering adoption for your child. If you choose adoption, please know that your child will know about the sacrifice you made. We intend to be very open with discussing our path to adoption and plan to share letters, pictures and stories with you. In addition, your child will know their birth story from the beginning and always know of your selfless courage and love for them which enabled you to give your child the best life possible. We have complete faith that you will make the right decision for you and for the baby. And we pray that whatever your decision, you may find comfort and peace. We cannot wait to hear from and about you.

With respect and admiration,

Mike and Leanne

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