Adoptive Family Adam and Rachel
We are thrilled you are reading our profile and considering us as potential parents. We know you have chosen adoption out of great love for your child. For this and your selflessness, you have our total admiration. If you choose us, we will be forever thankful. You will have a special place in our hearts for helping us to grow our family. We promise to provide your child with every ounce of love we have and countless opportunities to grow into a well-balanced, happy person.

From early on we will be honest with your child about their adoption and your love and courage. We will start by creating a book that tells the story of how they came to be part of our family. Your child will know they are special because they are loved by their birth mother and adoptive parents. And more love is always a great thing! We look forward to updating you with pictures, letters and emails with details showing the small moments as well as important milestones reached. We want to help reassure you that you made the best decision for your child.

We are young, energetic and loving parents. When we met each other, we hit the jackpot. Adam even calls Rachel “JP” meaning “jackpot.” Our marriage is built on values we will impart to your child: family, faith, friendship, respect and integrity. We are unique because our days are filled with laughter, silliness and creativity. This comes naturally to us. We make anything fun, including errands, chores or getting dinner ready. Even during challenging times, we never forget to make each other laugh with a silly face or a made-up song. It would be our privilege to share our joyfulness and stability with your child.

We want to be parents again and provide your child with endless opportunities. We work hard to be able to do this. Adam is a doctor of physical therapy and clinic owner and Rachel is a high school English teacher. Although we value hard work and helping others, family is our number one priority. We enjoy playing games, cooking meals, reading books, gardening, sharing stories and playing with our son Asher, who will be the best big brother, and our dog Rosie, who will be a loyal buddy to your child. When not at home, we visit family and friends, eat out at restaurants, play at parks, exercise, spend time outside and explore Chicago’s culture. We have so many interests we want to expose your child to, but we are most excited to discover where their own unique passions lie. We will encourage your child to pursue these passions and help them to overcome any obstacles.

With us as parents, your child’s life will be filled with diverse experiences, learning opportunities and family. Your child will make memories on family vacations to sandy beaches and exciting water parks. We have traveled to several countries and will do this with our children to expose them to different cultures. We cannot forget to mention the caring extended family that is waiting with open arms to welcome your child. Your child will have grandparents and great grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends that live close by to dote on them.

We always believed we would be parents no matter what road we had to take to get there or what bumps we would face on that journey. We struggled with infertility and pregnancy losses, but that didn’t stop us; we kept our mind on our goal to become parents and opened our hearts to adoption as a way to build our family. Our son proves to us each day that adoption was absolutely the best decision. We also have several friends that have adopted children, so your child will have a support system of a brother, friends and families touched by adoption.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us. While we hope this profile gives you a glimpse into the full life you can expect for your child, we are also happy to answer any questions you have. As you make your decision as to who will raise your child, we want you to know we are ready to love this child and are wholeheartedly committed to being exceptional parents. Your child and our son will be the center of our lives.

Warmest regards,

Adam and Rachel

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