Adoptive Family Joaquin and Mariana

We think that you are an amazing person, full of love and courage and just thinking of taking this step is proof of that. We are so grateful that you are reading about us and getting to know us.

Since we got married we always talked about adopting when we had secure jobs, savings, and a house. Now that time has come where we can provide a child a secure future, and a home full of love. We want to give her/him a wonderful childhood filled with memories and experiences for the rest of his/her life. Like bedtime stories, spending time at the park, camping, hiking, and exploring the world.

We also want to be able to give the child all the tools and opportunities, so he/she can succeed in life in whatever he/she chooses to do. We feel that our parents gave us the foundations of our lives; we were given the opportunity to go to school, and travel. We also learned from them how to be independent, help others, how to be members of our community and be able to give back. We want to share our lives and share what we have learned from our parents and our own experiences with a child.

We have been married for 15 years, we got married in Mexico after two years of dating. We lived there for a year and a half after we got married then we decided to move to Kentucky and lived there 7 years and then we moved to Colorado where we currently live. When we moved to Kentucky it was just the two of us, so we relied on each other for support, love, companionship and friendship. This made our bond and commitment to each other very strong; it also made us become very close. This is the foundation of our relationship and what we want to build the foundation of our family on.

We just love doing things together like grocery shopping, watch football, when one of us has to do errands the other goes with, if Joaquin has a tennis match Mariana goes with him, if Mariana has a work gathering Joaquin will go too. We also enjoy just sitting in our back porch, relaxing and just enjoying our company. We also love to go and explore new places, and take road trips. Sometimes we go on long trips other times we just go around the area where we live in. This are the things we want to share with a child, and we also look forward in doing many new things as a family.

We want the child to know all about you, or as much as you feel comfortable with sharing. We also want you to know all about your child. We will send pictures and letters so you know what she/he is up to, we want to share with you milestones like birthdays, first day of class, smiles and other moments. We want you to know how much he/she will be loved and cared for. We also want the child to know their adoption was a healthy, caring and loving process.

We think we have so much to offer and share with your child. We have lots of love to give, we have lots of energy and we will have lots of good times too.

Thank you for allowing us the chance to share with you our life, and what we believe in.

Joaquin and Mariana

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