Adoptive Family Adam and Jen
Thank you for taking the time to read our profile. We’re so excited to add to our family through adoption, and provide a happy life for your child. We have a lot of love to share, and we are ready to welcome this child with warm hearts and open arms!

We want you to know that we admire and respect you for considering adoption for your child. We know it is a difficult decision to make, and our thoughts are with you. We promise we will make sure your child knows how courageous you are, and that you made this choice out of love. We will be open and honest with your child about adoption, and it will never be hidden from them or our family and friends. We promise to keep you updated about how your child is doing by sending emails, letters, and pictures to you regularly. We hope these will help you find peace in knowing just how loved and cherished your child is within our family.

We're so excited to have a full family with two children! Before adopting the first time, we went through four long years of infertility which were very difficult for us. From that experience we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and each other. Along the way we also learned that the most important thing to us is to have a loving family and raise two happy children. Becoming parents for the first time was truly a blessing, and made us even more confident that we want to adopt another child. As parents, we plan to teach your child to love and respect others, and that every person makes a difference just by being themselves.

Our home is full of love, and we can’t wait to share it with this child! We have been married for 13 years. We have a strong relationship, and like to say that "we’re a team." We value our time together as a couple, and with Max. Jen likes to cook, and often tries new recipes. Adam likes making things and grilling out in the summer. We also have fun working on our house together. Our favorite renovation is our screened in porch, which we built with the help of Adam’s dad. Now it’s the main place where we spend time with friends and family. We are often told how inviting and relaxed our house is. Friends bring their kids over to play with Max and have dance parties on the porch.

We also like to get outdoors a lot. We want to instill a sense of adventure and exploration in children. On a typical weekend we might go hiking at a state park, biking on a local trail, or even just walking in our quiet neighborhood. We enjoy taking travel adventures near and far, and one of our favorite recent trips was to Florida, where the 3 of us spent lots of time at the pool, on the beach, and hanging out with extended family. Having another young child won’t change our love of travel - we look forward to going on trips with this child so that we can all have new adventures together!

Everyone in our extended family is excited to welcome another child into their lives. We have fun family traditions that are a blast for young children. We know how happy the child will be making cookies for Christmas and going to the beach with Grandpa. He or she will learn about nature by walking through forests and streams, and learn about music and art from family members. We both love our jobs, but we prioritize spending time with our family. Since we each set our own work schedules, we will have a lot of time to spend with our family, even during the workweek.

It is hard to put into words just how excited we are to be adoptive parents to your child, and how much love we have to share! We would truly be honored to be your child’s parents.

With love and respect,

Adam and Jen

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