Adoptive Family Kevin and Jessica

First, we would like to thank you for looking at our profile. We believe you are an amazing person who is strong and caring. You are making a brave decision by considering adoption, in order to give your child a great future.

We are Kevin and Jessica and we met online in 2012. We both knew instantly it was meant to be so we planned our first date - dinner and a movie. While we were dating we began discussing our dreams for the future, buying a home, getting married and having a family. We bought our home, got our puppy, Axel, and got married, now we are ready to start our family.

We began trying to have children and found that it was not in the cards for us. Instead pursuing infertility treatments, we decided that adoption was the right path for us. Kevin's brother David is adopted so we know first hand what an amazing gift adoption is. To us, it doesn't matter if the child shares our DNA, all that matters is that we will love and protect this child forever. We and our families are excited to welcome in a new child into our lives. You will be giving all of us a chance to share with them our traditions and excitement and activities together with all the family.

Kevin works full time as a Software engineer. He enjoys the typical nerdy stuff such as video games, sci-fi movies, messing with electronics and working on fixing stuff around the house. He also likes to take our Chocolate Lab, Axel, on walks around the neighborhood.

Jessica is a Registered Medical Assistant in an breast surgery office. Jessica has a more outgoing personality to counter Kevin's. She enjoys working in our garden, crafting, crocheting, card making and baking. She also likes to work on obedience training with our dog. Our plan is for Jessica to stay home after we bring a child into our family to be able to see all the little moments a child has to offer.

We would like to let you know that your child would be brought into our family with many loving arms. A family that understands our excitement for a child and all the love we have to offer. A family that understands the way to be open about an adoption. After Kevin's brother's adoption experience, we see the positives of open adoption and will be open and supportive of whatever you may choose in terms of contact. We also plan to be completely honest with this child about his or her adoption story from the very beginning.

We plan on open contact with you so you can see your child grow and become the bright and shining star you dream he/she will grow up to be. We will stay in contact through letters and pictures, as well as any other form of contact you prefer. We believe it is important to share anything that we know about you with your child, especially that you are an amazing person who made an incredibly tough decision that we have the utmost admiration for. We will make sure that they know that you love him or her enough to be willing to place them with a couple who can give them the life they deserve.

We deeply thank you for your time and consideration.

Kevin and Jessica

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