Adoptive Family Chris and Sara

We are on a journey to find the missing piece of our family puzzle. Journeys take us along many different paths, and our path is adoption. As you travel through this journey we admire your courage and strength as you begin to plan for your child. Adoption is a wonderful gift and a unique opportunity that we know would not be possible without you. Thank you for considering this option for your child and considering us. We are Chris and Sara and today our paths have crossed. As you take a moment to get a glimpse of our journey, we hope you will see that we have a great amount of love for each other, our families, our friends, our life, and our future child.

We met in high school and we have been married for thirteen years. We are best friends, great compliments to each other, love spending time together, and are still excitedly waiting to see what adventures will come next. Our journey together has taken us through many turns, paths and adventures. From the beginning, we have wanted our family to grow. Through the struggle of infertility, we realized that God was calling us in a different direction to grow our family. Adoption is the path that we will follow and through this journey we hope to have the opportunity to meet the child and family that God has chosen for us. As we have prepared for this journey we have spent time in prayer, reflection, and talking with many supportive people in our lives. A scripture that continues to speak to us is 1 Samuel 1:27 “For this child we have prayed.” From this we know that God is working to find us the child that is meant to be in our lives and fill the missing piece of our family.

We want you to know that family is so very important to us. Family isn't made from blood, it is made from love. Families are built on trust, love, and commitment. These are the pieces of the our family puzzle that we want to share with you and your child. We feel strongly about sharing love and family from one generation to the next. Family traditions and being together are at the core of who we are and part of this journey that we are on.

While we have never met you, we are praying for you and your child as you continue to make plans. If we should be the parents that you hope for your child, we will love them, encourage them, and help them thrive. They will fill the missing piece of our family puzzle. You too will become a part of our family.

Our child, yours and ours, will know the great love you had for them and the amazing gift you gave to us through adoption. You made our family dream a reality. As an important part of our family puzzle we will be more than willing to share pictures, letters, and emails with you. Also, we will share our child’s adoption story with them from early on, so they can know what a gift they are and you are in our lives.

Please know as we travel down the adoption path we are thankful for you and the child you are carrying. We hope to get the privilege of getting to know you better and continue on this journey together. We wish you the best as you plan for your child. You and your child will continue to be in our prayers.

Thank you for considering this wonderful gift and please know the great respect and admiration that we have for you as you prepare to plan for your child.

With hope and love,

Chris and Sara

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