Adoptive Family Marc and Sarah
Thank you so much for spending the time to learn about us. We're so thankful for you. We hope our profile helps you to understand who we are.

We met 11 years ago. We were both standing as bridesmaid and groomsmen for friends. What a lucky night! We were committed to each other from very early on in our relationship. For the first year, we lived on opposite sides of the country. We talked every night and visited often. Eventually, Sarah moved to California and we became engaged. However, the distance didn’t stop then. Marc’s military career started to move ahead full force, which took him through multiple deployments. Through these years, we learned how to be strong, confident, and excellent communicators.

To put it in the most truthful way, honestly, we love being parents. Our lives revolve around our children. On the weekend, we ask each other, “what do you want to do?” and the answer is always something like the children’s museum, the aquarium, the beach, the pool ... something fun and exciting for our kids. We’ve always talked about adoption as a way to grow or complete our family, but we've been looking for the right time. We believe that time is now, as Marc is getting ready for another few years of shore duty, (no travel!) and will retire from the military after 20+ years of service.

Even though Marc has traveled in the past, he’s still an incredibly active father. He does everything from changing diapers to playing catch to playing tea party and even dressing like a princess if his daughter asks! He loves to take the kids outside, and enjoys teaching them how to climb trees and safely explore nature. When he travels, he calls the kids on the phone and writes them personalized emails.

Sarah is mostly a stay-at-home mom, but works a few hours a week teaching parent/baby movement classes for children ages 0-3. Sarah has also written a book on child development. Sarah just loves being at home with the children; watching them grow, change, and enjoys all the cute things they say and do. Laughter is always a part of the day! She loves to bake with the kids, read, play, take them to restaurants, and do activities such as a picnic at the playground, swimming pool, and sometimes even the trampoline park!

This beautiful child joining our family will have the love of three adoring and supportive siblings. Our two older children are so sweet to our youngest, who is about a year and a half. They help give him snacks, keep him safe, and always share their toys! Our children play well together because we encourage strong  relationships. As adults, we’re close with our siblings, and that was because of what our parents taught us. We hope to impart these values on our children as well. Our children know our plan to adopt, and are so excited to meet this new child. They speak of the new baby often.

We already love this child, even though we haven’t met. We are beyond excited and will feel truly blessed and honored to be given this incredible opportunity to raise your child. You can expect photos and letters from us as the child grows. Please know that we will love this child with all our hearts, will wrap our life around this baby, and will give him or her all the attention and encouragement they need to thrive and feel content and loved.

Thank you for reading our letter. We hope you feel like you know us better. We’d love to have the honor of welcoming your child into our family. This baby will be truly cherished.

With Love,

Marc and Sarah

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