Adoptive Family Trent and Ashley
Hello, we are Trent and Ashley, and we are honored and excited that you are taking the time to view our profile and to get to know us. We would like to begin by expressing our admiration for the strength that it takes on your behalf to consider adoption for your baby. It is a courageous and selfless decision, and we would be honored to be considered as parents to your child.

Our story started about 12 years ago where we met and started dating at our first jobs out of college. It was truly love at first sight, and our love for each other grows stronger every year. We got engaged after two years of dating, and have been married for 9 years now. We really are best friends and feel lucky to have each other in our lives. We share the same interests in life and are passionate about music, sports, and traveling. We refer to ourselves as foodies and try to find a fun cafe/restaurant to experience whenever we travel to a new city. We love going to the beach each year and are excited to make it a yearly tradition as a family. We also look forward to creating family adventures to new cities and experiencing new foods and cultures.

We bought our house after getting married hoping to start our family shortly thereafter. Unfortunately, our journey to becoming parents did not go as planned. Before getting married, we knew that there was a possibility Ashley would not be able to conceive a child naturally. After several years of fertility treatments, we realized having a biological child was not an option. Without hesitation, we knew the next step was to move forward with adoption to build our family. With Trent’s Mom being adopted and experiencing the love shared between her and her parents, we knew in our hearts we wanted to adopt as well.

Becoming parents means everything to us. There is definitely a hole in our hearts that can only be filled by giving love to a child. We have so much love in our marriage, but feel that we also have so much more love to give. We want to provide a child a home filled with unconditional love, laughter and fun. We want our children to dream big and know that no matter what, we will be by their side full of encouragement.

We are blessed that we live very close to our family and friends. This child will be loved by grandparents, uncles and aunts, and cousins throughout their life. Both sides of our family, as well as our friends, are so excited that we are adopting and cannot wait to provide love and support.

We both have great jobs that we enjoy and are just ten minutes from home, which allows us more time together. We feel lucky to work for companies where we can be flexible with our time. We know family comes first in our lives and fortunately our careers allow us to put our family first.

This child will always know they were adopted and know their adoption story. We plan on making a “My Story” book filled with photos that we can read together each night before bed. If you desire, we would be very happy to have an open adoption providing photos, letters and e-mails and look forward to building a relationship. We want your child to know how much you love them and we want to honor you. More than anything, we want you to know that we will love your child unconditionally and will devote our lives to providing him or her with all the love, support and happiness we can offer.

It’s hard to put in words how much love we already have for this child. We are excited to start our journey as parents and know it would not be possible without the amazing gift of adoption. Our prayers are always with you.

With Love,

Trent and Ashley

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