Adoptive Family Beau and Keri
Our names are Keri and Beau, and we first want to thank you for taking the time to read through our profile and get to know us. Hopefully you will be encouraged by our story and our desire to adopt. We would also like to thank you for choosing to adopt! We can't begin to grasp the courage and love for your child you must have to have made this decision. If you choose to allow us to raise your child, we promise to express to them through our words and actions the same selfless love that you have shown.

We met early in high school but didn't start dating until one of us had already graduated. We dated throughout college and were engaged on St. Valentine's Day, 2012. We married just after the new year in 2013. After about six months of settling in, we decided that we wanted to start our family. Having children was something that we had really looked forward to before we were married. We had both grown up in and around families with lots of children, and many of our friends were starting to have kids around the same time.

Unfortunately, after about a year of trying to get pregnant, we weren't having any success. We investigated for over two years, which involved tests, examinations, medications, and even surgeries. Ultimately, though, we learned that we just aren't able to have children naturally. That was devastating to us, but we tried to see it as an opportunity to try something else. We felt that we must be called to build our family some other way, and that's why you're reading this!

Hopefully our story will start to show that one of our greatest desires as a married couple is to raise a family. The children that we hope to raise will be loved and cherished all the more because we know what a gift they are. We just pray that we can be the recipients of the gift that you've so generously and courageously chosen to give, and we hope that we can help give your child the family, the home, and the life that you want for them.

As the years go by, you may be interested in receiving pictures and other information about how your child is doing. We are happy and eager to do that, but let us give you a preview of what you'll see. You'll get pictures of your child as a member of our family, playing with our friends' and siblings' children, or in family photos that we never get quite right because Nana isn't looking at the camera. You'll get pictures of their sports teams or report cards with the local private school. You'll get pictures of them enjoying the trails we hike, the beaches that Beau visits for work, and the cats that Keri keeps. You'll get pictures of them in their newest Halloween costumes, giving their future siblings Christmas gifts, and (fingers crossed) with their favorite professional wrestler. You'll get their prom pictures, and, God willing, their wedding pictures. You'll get pictures of a child who is loved and who loves in the extreme.

We thank you again for taking the time to consider us and for the great love that you are showing your child.

With love and with prayers,

Beau and Keri

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