Adoptive Family George and Moira

We want to tell you that you and your baby are loved. Even these words seem inadequate in the face of the decisions you have ahead of you, so please know we are thankful you are reading our profile. That you have taken the time and energy to search for the best future your child can have makes you a wonderful parent. Regardless of what you decide, you are a remarkable parent. You are taking a brave step into the unknown. We celebrate you and love you for doing so.

We have known each other for almost a decade. We met at the World’s Largest Block Party in Chicago and found appealing qualities in each other because of our sharp wits and similar senses of humor. We were friends initially for about five years. Once we started dating, we were engaged within 5 months! We had a beautiful wedding surrounded by our closest family and friends and we recently celebrated four wonderful years together. We have a cheerful house filled with laughter and love.

We knew that we wanted to start a family right away but time and biology conspired against us. We both agree that every child is a gift from God. While we had discussed adoption, we did not begin in earnest until we discovered that God had that plan for us all along. Since then, we have been taking classes and readying our home for our new bundle of joy.

George is an attorney who practices real estate law and builds houses. Moira runs an online business from home. Moira looks forward to being a stay-at-home mom while George looks forward to have someone to take out to the jobsite with him after school and on Saturdays. We both like to travel, having been to Spain, Argentina and Brazil in last year and a half. George still has family in Ireland and we go to visit them somewhat regularly at the family’s farm.

We want you to know that we will surround your child with love and affection. We will provide him or her with a safe and stable environment and the opportunity for a great education, whatever he or she decides to pursue academically. We live in a large metropolitan area. We will take advantage of the cultural and social opportunities our city has to offer. Our child will have the chance to attend museums, music fests, concerts in beautiful city parks as well as fun days and nights at baseball and hockey games. Moira is a library fanatic and cannot wait to participate in “Mommy and Me” reading circles. We have so many things to share with our child; whether it be family barbecues, vacations to Ireland or Fourth of July celebrations.

We will be very open about telling our child that he or she was adopted. We will let him or her know what a wonderful gift they are to us and that we love them even more for it because he or she was gifted to us. We will tell our child that God had a special plan for him or her which included you and us. We look forward to sharing letters and pictures of the baby’s milestones, progress and accomplishments with you.

We are very eager to open our hearts and our home to the newest member of our family. We know it will not be possible if not for the remarkable strength of someone like you.

With great love and joy,

George and Moira

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