Adoptive Family Jaimy and Joey Lynn
Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering us as parents for your child. We appreciate and respect your courage and love for this child. We are Jaimy and Joey and we have enjoyed over 13 terrific years of loving marriage. We have chosen adoption because having a child is something that is so important to us. To be able to share our love and life with a precious child and help them on their life's journey is a great gift. For many years we have tried to conceive a child naturally, but were unable to do so. We tried infertility treatments without success and after years of discussion, contemplation and deep consideration we've decided to move forward with the exciting decision of adoption. This will be our first child and we are very excited to become parents and to grow our family.

We cannot begin to imagine how difficult your decision is to consider placing your child for adoption, but please know that we are committed to be the best loving parents and offer all that we can of ourselves to this child. We hope for the opportunity to meet you in person so that we can convey our sense of love that we have to offer your child and give our sincere appreciation to you. We understand that you must be going through a wide range of emotions and thoughts, and we'd like you to know that we deeply respect you and your feelings. Should you choose us as parents for your child, please know that we are committed to sharing information with you about your child as they grow and develop through pictures and letters and are willing to explore other communications that will demonstrate to the child how much they are loved.

We understand how important it is for you to know that your child will be loved, guided and will have the best life possible, so we'd like to tell you a bit about our life and who we are. Both our families are excited about our adoption and your child will receive love from both us and from our extended families. We have several nieces and nephews of all ages who are excited to welcome this child as their cousin into our family. We live in a wonderful town in Rhode Island, with a great school system, close to the ocean with lots of parks, beaches, other children and fun things to do. We have a friendly and fun dog named Marley (4 year-old Golden Retriever), who we take for walks to the park or sometimes around town. We have a fun and simple life, with lot's of functions and events with family and friends (birthday parties, cookouts, holiday meals and many other family gatherings). Both our parents and extended family live mostly within one hour of us, which is wonderful, because family is very important to us. For downtime, we love going to the movies, cooking, traveling, going out to eat, watching and playing sports, listening and playing music (Joey is the musician of the family) and just relaxing at home reading a book or watching one of our favorite shows. We are both Christian and believe life is a precious gift; we love living life to the fullest.

We'd like to thank you again so much for considering us as parents for your child. We respect your tremendous courage and we would be so blessed and honored to be able to parent this child. Please know that we will give our love and provide the best life that we are possibly capable of providing with a solid education, strong family foundation, high morals and the best life experiences we can offer. We hope you choose us as the parents for your child and we look forward to the opportunity to meet and thank you in person.


Jaimy and Joey Lynn

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