Adoptive Family Ben and Megan
Thank you for getting to know us! We hope you can tell just how much love we have from our family for you and your child. We feel blessed to have an opportunity to welcome a child into our home through adoption. Our prayers of respect and admiration are with you. Your strength and courage during this journey in considering adoption, and considering us, is so appreciated.

Our story began fourteen years ago when we met through work. We were instant friends (though Ben told all his buddies he had found the girl he would marry), and began dating a while later. We have now been married for eleven years, and we are ridiculously in love with each other. We welcomed our first son, Noah, to our family seven years ago, and then his younger brother, Miles, who is three now. We express gratitude every day for our fun little boys, and they are excited to welcome a new sibling to our family.

Megan used to teach first grade, and now gets to stay home with our children. During the week they enjoy reading books, going on adventures, and playing with friends in their homes and at ours. Living in the beautiful green state of Washington, we are surrounded by trees, mountains, and lakes, and we love to be outside and spend time exploring nature. We live close to Seattle, which gives us plenty of access to amazing adventures in the city - zoos and aquariums, children’s museums, and dozens of parks. Noah is in first grade this year, and he is loving it. Miles is so excited when Noah gets home from school because they get to play together, and they both light up when Ben comes home from work because then they all get to pretend and tell stories. We cherish the time we get to spend together, and another sibling would fit right in and add even more laughter.

We went through some difficulties in having our sons, and we are looking forward to sharing the love and happiness of our family through the gift of an adoption. We have considered adopting a child for several years, and since Miles was born, we have prayed and felt that this was just so right for our family. It was thrilling to tell our boys and extended family about our decision to pursue adoption. It is important to us that your child know how unique and loved they are, and that adoption is part of their special story. We will help them grow up with an understanding of their heritage and cultures. We are lucky enough to live in a diverse neighborhood and are immersed in many different cultures within the schools and our community. Our extended family, and neighbors and friends, are all open and excited to welcome your child into our lives. Along the way we are happy to share the many wonderful moments with you through letters, pictures, and frequent communication. Your child will know of your love and the admiration our family has for your selflessness.

We are ready with open arms and warm hearts - your child is already incredibly loved! Thank you for taking the time to think of us and this step.


Ben and Megan

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