Adoptive Family Dale and Jackie

Hello! Our names are Dale and Jackie and we have been married for almost 3 years and have been together for 5 years. We must express how excited we are that you took the time to look at our profile! We hope we did it justice!

When we think of our relationship, we know we are blessed! We know we have been through some of the best and some of the hardest times together. But we made it through it all together and we are just as madly in love with each other as ever. It is refreshing when you find the person who compliments you, where one is weak the other is strong. We bring out the best in each other. While we are sitting down to write the most important letter of our lives.... the nerves are kicking in and doubts closely follow.

Having a good support system is crucial in life. For us we have each other, our faith, family and friends. We have very close friends who adopted last year and Dale's Grandpa was also adopted. Though those adoptions have their own special stories, having that support system is important. We pray that you do or will have that in your life as well. We would feel grateful to be able to send you letters and pictures through the years. We love to go on vacations, we have a family bucket list and are always taking photos. All those milestones to come... we cannot wait to share them with you! We have dreamt of having a child, traveling and showing them the world. We even bought a camping trailer with bunk beds! We're ready for adventures!

Schooling is very important to us and we are already saving up for a college found for this child. While Jackie had to study hard for good grades, Dale has one of those minds that picks information up and retains it easily. With that being said, it is important that we use our community resources, for any learning curve the child has. Living in a small town, their is one elementary-middle school and one high school. We love that fact that we can be active with school due to having such a tight knit community! We think that schooling is a family investment as well as hobbies. Being creative and expressing in a positive nature is something we look forward to helping develop.

It's important that you feel comfortable with us and that you feel that we are the right fit for your child. If there are any questions to ask, please do not hesitate. We are honest and open. Although this decision may not come easily, we pray that you find the family that matches your dreams for your child and is a good fit for your heart.

Thank you for looking into our lives and taking us under consideration!

Dale and Jackie

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