Adoptive Family Shawn and Gretchen
Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share ourselves with you. We already know one thing we have in common with you: we all want your child to experience a fulfilling life. We look forward to starting a relationship with you. We know you have so many questions about us and we pray you will find it easy to approach us. We want this child to know how loved he/she is, not only by us, but also by you. Gretchen absolutely loves to take pictures and it will be our pleasure to keep you updated with photos and letters.

There is a quote we see often ... "Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite." A bit cheesy, but it's so true! We recently celebrated our fourteenth wedding anniversary and the years have flown by. We have identified ourselves as a couple most of the twenty-one years since we were first introduced. When people say opposites attract, we are positive they were talking about us. Shawn likes life to be routine, follows a logical path, and he takes full advantage of technology while Gretchen likes changing things up, follows the heart, and would rather be creative a little bit each day. We are extremely different, yet we match in our values, goals for our family, and love for each other. When it comes down to it, we feel that we compliment each other perfectly.

When we bring a new child into our home it will be an incredible moment for our two sons, Wyatt and Grady. This child will have two brothers, two best friends, and two protectors ready to help navigate this little one through life. They tell us daily how they will assist and share their lives with their new sibling. Grady has drawn pictures with our new addition in family activities and Wyatt practices with the neighbor baby hoping to hold his own sibling soon. They are already so in love with this child, as we all are.

We have dreams of our children having a life full of happiness and opportunities. We love being parents and love that our kids add so much meaning to our lives. If you were to glance into our home, you'd see a busy family who enjoys work, school, and play time together. Gretchen spends the days organizing at home or running errands to ease the rush of evenings and weekends. Unless traveling for work, Shawn makes it home in plenty of time for evening activities. We eat a healthy, family dinner around the table every night and Shawn frequently asks, "How were you kind today?" Some nights we have activities like Cub Scouts, Awana, or sports the boys have chosen to participate in. On weekends we often plan outings but sometimes we just stay home and set up elaborate games where toys are spread all over the house. It's not unusual for us to play outside with neighbors, pull out a board game, or get lost in playing video games. On longer weekends we may head out to visit family or take a small trip to explore other areas. Sunday mornings we attend church and leave feeling refreshed and more centered for our week. Each night, our bedtime routine starts with bathing and ends with one-on-one time with a parent for reading, talking, and cuddles. This time alone to listen to our children's thoughts and feelings is treasured time that is valuable in meeting our children's needs. We look forward to another child becoming a part of our family and having these same opportunities each day.

This time in your life must be very hard for you. We do not know your circumstances, but we are sure you have a lot of worries in thinking about the future of your child. We admire your courage as you seek the ideal family for your little one and we know that you will make the best choice for you and your child. We appreciate that you have considered us and wish you the best as you move forward.

Shawn and Gretchen

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