Adoptive Family Jeff and Melissa
Hello! We are Jeff and Melissa. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at our profile. It humbles us to think that we could be chosen as adoptive parents if you choose to move forward with this adoption. We hope this letter will help you get to know a little bit more about us.

We met during our third year of college when we had a class together. We didn’t talk much all semester but happened to end up at the same place on the last day of classes. We spent the whole evening together and felt an instant connection - we’ve been together ever since! That was 15 years ago, and we have been married for 10 of those years.

Having a family has always been a dream of ours. Even during the years when we were trying to have a biological child, adoption was always an option that we discussed and felt drawn to. One day we were in the grocery store and passed by a child who we suspected might be adopted. We looked at one another and smiled - it’s almost as if we knew then that adoption would be the way we are meant to build our family. When we stopped infertility treatments, it honestly was such a relief. We were so excited to start the adoption process - it felt so natural and right! In 2015 we adopted our son Miles when he was a newborn. We have an open adoption with his birth mother and often tell him the story of his birth and how he came into our lives. He has grown to be such a kind, cheerful boy. We know that he will make a great big brother because he is so friendly with all the kids at his daycare!

During our years together we have traveled the world and also have been all around the US. Meeting new people and experiencing different cultures is very important to us, and we plan to continue to travel and have new experiences with this child. We also love outdoor activities like hiking and spending time at the lake - things we can’t wait to do with this child! While we are very active outside the home, having Miles in our lives has meant that there are a lot more low key days spent in our home. We seem to always have music playing, and it wouldn’t be unusual for there to be a goofy dance party! We love music and are so excited to share our passion for music with this child. Our house is always filled with creativity, love, and joy.

Our immediate families are very close-knit, and we enjoy spending time with them often. Everyone has expressed how excited they are to have a new child in the family! This child will be welcomed and loved immediately. We are so excited to be able to add a child to our many adventures with our families!

We know that you are considering adoption because you love this child. Please know that we will give our everything to this child - love, care, attention, and affection to name just a few. We are committed to each other and to giving our children what they need to grow into the best that they can be.

One thing that we are excited about in pursuing adoption again is that both of our children will have their own unique birth stories. We hope that openness will create peace and joy with our unique family bonds! Our goal is to honor who you are and your story from day one, and we are open to getting to know you more during this process and beyond. Sending pictures and letters through time will be something that we look forward to sharing with you. We admire your strength and courage and can’t imagine how hard a decision this is for you. This child will always know the generosity and love you exhibited when making this decision. Thank you again for taking time to get to know us a little more. We hope you feel that we will be a good fit!

Our kindest regards,

Jeff and Melissa

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