Adoptive Family Brian and Fawn
You will probably be facing a number of choices on this journey, and it is our sincere desire that you choose the path that feels right to you. We wish you peace and comfort. Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you by sharing about ourselves. We hope by showing you an honest portrait of our lives and hopes for your child, we will also be showing you the great respect you deserve.

As parents, we are committed to providing your child the freedom to make mistakes and grow. We’ll be there to provide a soft place to land as we support and guide them through life. Your child will grow up not only hearing "I Love You" on a daily basis, but also by witnessing our love toward him or her - and one another - through our actions.

We look forward to camping trips and campfire songs, lazy summer days spent at the lake, college football games in the fall and cozy evenings at home reading bedtime stories. We are each so excited to share our favorite things with a child and to discover what he or she may find joy in, as well.

We met quite by accident about six years ago, when Fawn sent Brian an email intended for someone else. We worked for the same organization, although at different offices in different parts of the city, and had never met in person – but had reason to correspond via email. Fawn realized her mistake and sent Brian a follow-up email saying she was sorry and that her wires got crossed. Brian’s response? A return email listing everything they had in common – from their mutual love of camping and hiking to an appreciation for Colorado. This fun, light-hearted exchange blossomed into a friendship and within a few months, Brian invited Fawn on what would be their first date – a weekend of boating and camping at an area lake. We've now been married for four years.

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to be parents and raise a family together. After three years of attempting both naturally and with medical intervention, we realized that we would not have biological children. However, adoption was something we'd always discussed and moving from infertility to adoption has been a peaceful process for us. Our desire is to be parents and to raise an amazing child into a strong, capable adult.

As working adults, we want to reassure you about our childcare plan. Brian is fortunate to work from home when needed, which provides us not only with financial security, but he can also be a work-from-home father. Fawn’s work schedule is very flexible, which ensures she will never miss an appointment, activity or day of your child's life. Fawn will be off work for three months as we welcome your child into our home and family and establish a healthy routine. Brian’s mother, an educator, is incredibly excited about assisting with childcare and using her experience in education to create fun games and learning opportunities for your child.

We will approach your child's adoption story by honoring your commitment to them and your brave love. Your son or daughter will always know who you are because you are such a huge part of who this child will become. If you so choose, we will happily share letters, photos and emails. We are truly humbled to understand that sometimes families are not created with biology, but rather by very human people who share the common bond of having this deep hope and love for a beautiful child. This journey is yours, and it is ours and it belongs to this child. May we forever show it the respect that it deserves.

With Admiration,

Brian and Fawn

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