Adoptive Family Jason and Regina
Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and for considering our family. Thank you also, for your amazing sacrifice of choosing adoption for your child. We are excited about the adoption process and cannot wait to embrace our next child into our family.

Our names are Jason and Regina and we have been married for 14 years. Jason is from Texas and Regina is from Florida. We met while working for the same company when we were sent on a one-year assignment together in Colorado from our respective home cities. We married just a couple of years later! While we are dual career parents, our family always comes first and we are blessed to enjoy flexibility in our work schedules. We believe having a career is a good example to set for our children on what both men and women can accomplish.

We have a wonderful, amazing son named Ethan. He is in grade school and is involved in baseball, basketball, piano and acting. He loves playing with his friends and spending time with his many cousins. Being parents has been the most rewarding experience of our life and we can’t wait to expand our family. Ethan is so excited for the opportunity to be a big brother!

We began discussing adoption even before we were married. As a newly engaged couple, we talked about our future life together and shared with each other that we both wanted adoption to be part of the plan for our family. While we’ve been blessed with a son, we’ve always known that our second child would be through adoption. In February of this year on a beautiful three-hour drive to the airport after a snow skiing vacation in New Mexico, we found ourselves talking about how we both felt God was telling us now was the time for our family to grow through adoption. Now here we are, all three of our hearts bursting with excitement to discover God’s plan!

As parents, we believe the most important thing we can give our son, and our next child, is unconditional love. We were both blessed to be raised in supporting, loving families and we want the same for our children. We also promise to provide your child with the best education opportunities possible and to expose them to sports, culture, travel, and other activities that interest them. We believe that by letting them have these different experiences, our children will be more well-rounded and will meet people from different walks of life and different perspectives.

Our Christian faith is the foundation of our family. We promise to raise your child in a loving Christian home with a supportive and caring church family alongside them. They will also be loved by four wonderful grandparents, and multiple aunts, uncles and cousins.

We are happy to discuss the level of involvement and updates you wish to receive. We will love your child as our own and we will uphold our commitment to you and to your child as to your desired level of correspondence as long as we live. Our hearts desire for you both is to be happy and healthy! We will also be flexible should your needs and wants for communication and correspondence change.

Please see our video to get to know a little more about our family! May God bless you in the remaining days of your pregnancy and protect you during delivery.

Thank you,

Jason and Regina

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