Adoptive Family Hank and Jeff

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about us. We know this is a big decision in life and we want to make sure you are comfortable moving forward- we are always open to answering any questions.

We have spent years talking about adoption. We knew when the time was right we would work to make sure the agency we picked looked out for all involved...the birth family, our family, and of course, the baby. This is a decision we take very seriously and we are thankful we are surrounded by loving family members and friends who are supportive of us in this journey. They, like us, are very excited to welcome a baby into our home.

We met 10 years ago and have been together ever since. We're lucky- we knew right away we were a good match and we treasure our connection. Last year, we finally made it official. Being surrounded by our family and friends at our wedding was one of our best nights. It was perfect. Marriage was also important to us because we knew we wanted to start our family. The time is now. We are ready and we are so excited for the future.

We have spent a lot of time thinking about having a child and beginning our family. We are thankful because we share many of the same values and goals. A child needs to know he or she is loved; that is most important. We can't wait to shower this little one with love and support them on their journey.

We have been blessed to have Mia (Jeff's daughter) in our lives. She is very bright and talented and loves spending time with us both. Hank has had a strong desire to have a baby call him "daddy". Mia and Hank have a great bond and relationship, which provides Hank the opportunity to be a co-parent and not just being a stepfather. Mia is excited about the idea of being a big sister and we have discussed this important step with our families. We have the support of those we love and we look forward to this next chapter in our lives.

It's important for you to know we look forward to developing a relationship with you. We want our child to know his or her history. We look forward to exchanging photos and are open to the possibility of arranging visits in the future based on what is best for you. Family is so important to us and it is our hope that you will always be a very special part of our extended family.

Our child will be surrounded by our loving family, friends and a will be given every opportunity to thrive. We live near top ranking schools, universities, parks and an awesome zoo. We look forward to celebrating family traditions, fun and creating so many new, great memories.

Again, thank you for learning about us and our family. Please, let us know if we can provide more information to help you as you take this next step.


Hank and Jeff

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