Adoptive Family Keith and Ariana
It is a new experience for us to write a letter to someone that we don’t yet know. But we are beginning this process with a sense of trust that this message will find the right person.

We are Keith and Ariana, two people that met in college, fell in love, and have been building a life together for the last 17 years. Through it all, our commitment to and belief in one another has never wavered. In the good days and the bad, we have never forgotten just how lucky we are to have one another, or how blessed we are have a life together surrounded by friends and family.

We have built a home that includes three dogs, one bird, and a lot of love. We hope it soon expands to include something we have been yearning for - a child. This is not a journey we have undertaken quickly or lightly. This is the beginning of a process that we have been working toward for nearly a decade.

Neither one of us knows the circumstances of your life, and perhaps we never will. But both of us believe that the right person will be brought into our lives at the right time and for the right reason. That is a moment we are ready for. Each of us were raised in loving homes, where we were cared for and taught a foundation that helped us become the people we are today. It is because of that, and our relationship together, that we are now prepared to love, care for, and teach a child of our own.

While there is no single way to build a family, to us, adoption has always been our first option. We have always wanted to open our hearts and home to a child and give them a life full of laughter and love. This is a decision, however, that we are not making alone. It includes you, the birth parent. We would be proud to work with you throughout this journey, sharing pictures and letters every month so you can follow their growth. We are committed to being open and honest with our child about their adoption, and you their birth parent. When the time is right, should they want to meet you, we would welcome that opportunity.

We want you to know that we have an amazing support system in our family and friends and they are as excited as we are about this next phase of our life. Our child will have the best grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins a kid could ask for. We love the things about our family that make us unique, and we celebrate them. The gift of adoption appeals to us for this reason.

A close friend of ours is adopted and she has a wonderful relationship with both her adoptive parents and her birth mother. She has been a source of inspiration and guidance to us throughout this process. We have seen firsthand how adoption brings people together that really need one another.

Although this note is only an introduction to us and our life together, we are extraordinarily humbled that you have taken the time to read it. We are hopeful that this marks the beginning of what could be a rich and rewarding journey. We appreciate how much love you must have in your heart to help another family you don’t even know in this way. Should you pick us, you will always be someone we hold in the highest esteem for what you are doing. We will always be grateful to you.

Keith and Ariana

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